Yehudi Menuhin

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Yehudi Menuhin: Yehudi Menuhin, Baron Menuhin, OM KBE (22 April 1916 – 12 March 1999) was an American-born violinist and conductor who spent most of his performing career
George Enescu: Shankar and his musicians. Around the same time, Enescu took the young Yehudi Menuhin to the Colonial Exhibition in Paris, where he introduced him to the
Mary Fedden: included David Hockney and Allen Jones. She subsequently taught at the Yehudi Menuhin School in Cobham, Surrey, from 1965 to 1970. In 1951, Mary Fedden married
Master class: starting with its inventor Franz Liszt and including such greats as Yehudi Menuhin, Isaac Stern, Itzhak Perlman, and Vladimir Horowitz. Often, a touring
David Dubal: 1985, he interviewed Yehudi Menuhin at the WNCN-FM studios; much of this conversation was used in the book Conversations with Menuhin. Dubal also hosted
Sofía Gandarias: of UNESCO. She painted the portrait of the great virtuoso violinist Yehudi Menuhin “the wisest man I have ever met” and began to cooperate with his Foundation
Norman Perryman: Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' for French Television with Yehudi Menuhin. An example of his kinetic painting with dance was the modern ballet Invention (co-created
Adolf Tuma: in its widest sense. He is influenced by Friedensreich Hundertwasser Yehudi Menuhin Trophy 2006 for Music Philately 1999 Europe 1999 2004 Cardinal Franz
Roy Courtnall Summerfield: contribution" to the violin-making bookshelf. It includes a foreword by Lord Yehudi Menuhin, who refers to the book as "Exhaustive in its detailed exposition of
Garrick Club: Cudlipp, Baron Cudlipp, 1913–1998 Sir Hugh Casson, 1910–1999 Yehudi Menuhin, Baron Menuhin, 1916–1999 Sir John Gielgud, 1904–2000 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr
Myfanwy Pavelic: work shown at the National Portrait Gallery, where her portrait of Yehudi Menuhin was displayed. She later donated the portrait of her friend to the National
1963 in art: Sisters (bronzes) Sleeping girl (bronzes) Yehudi Menuhin (bronze heads) January 20 – Mark Ryden, American painter April 4 – Martin Firrell, French-born British
Leonardo Nierman: recording of his playing with that of Yehudi Menuhin. However, his musical training has been a major influence on his painting and sculpture, reproducing movement
Elizabeth Jane Lloyd: Between 1960 and 1988 Lloyd was a regular guest lecturer at both the Yehudi Menuhin School and the Interlocken International Centre in New Hampshire. She
Patricia Angadi: Hampstead Artists Council. She continued to paint, including portraits of Yehudi Menuhin and her friends Barbara Castle and Fenner Brockway. In 1965, the Angadis
Stephen Finer: several times. There are a number of paintings of Gill Bastedo, David Bowie, Iman, Hartley Shawcross, Yehudi Menuhin, Patrick Garland and others, including
Louis Kahan: Blainey, Judy Cassab, Manning Clark, Arthur Boyd, Dame Joan Sutherland, Yehudi Menuhin and Luciano Pavarotti. Many of the original drawings for Meanjin are
Christopher Lee: the Wolf by Prokofiev, with the English String Orchestra conducted by Yehudi Menuhin (Nimbus, 1989) Annie Get Your Gun (1995) The Rocky Horror Show (1995)
Michael Francis Gibson: period documents. The College was visited by such major figures as Yehudi Menuhin, who repeatedly called upon Geoffroy-Dechaume to participate in the
Henry Mee: Chairman ICI; Sir Peter Walters Chairman BP; Lord Forte of Ripley; Sir Yehudi Menuhin; Anthony Powell CH; Sir Hugh Casson CH PPRA; Sir Roger de Grey President
Nesta Obermer: help with fund raising. She also provided financial support to the Yehudi Menuhin School, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,
Aldo Parisot: proceeded to go backstage and invited Parisot to attend a party thrown for Yehudi Menuhin. At the party, Smith told Parisot he would arrange for Parisot to study
Nick Schlee: Nick Schlee has produced many one man exhibitions in England: 1987 Yehudi Menuhin School, Sussex 1988 The Grange, Rottingdean 1990 Wantage Museum, Oxfordshire
American Masters: Meisner - American Masters - PBS". PBS. April 22, 2001. "Yehudi Menuhin - About Yehudi Menuhin - American Masters - PBS". PBS. October 28, 2006. "Arthur
List of American Masters episodes: Remington | American Masters | PBS". PBS. 17 February 2003. "Yehudi Menuhin ~ About Yehudi Menuhin | American Masters | PBS". PBS. 28 October 2006. "Robert
Harold Weston: there were 28 Nobel Prize winners and only two practicing artists: Yehudi Menuhin and Henry Moore. Believing there were not enough women in the Academy
March 12: American potter (b. 1890) 1998 – Beatrice Wood, American painter and potter (b. 1893) 1999 – Yehudi Menuhin, American-Swiss violinist and conductor (b. 1916)
Igor Stravinsky: neoclassicism, but of greater importance was his music's "pseudomorphism of painting", playing off le temps espace (time-space) rather than le temps durée (time-duration)
James Cagney: painting, and claimed in his autobiography that he might have been happier, if somewhat poorer, as a painter than a movie star. The renowned painter Sergei
Philip Glass: for two violins and string orchestra, written for Edna Mitchell and Yehudi Menuhin 1995). Glass's prolific output in the 1990s continued to include operas
Claudette Colbert: Widow's Veil at the age of 15. Her interests, though, still leaned towards painting, fashion design, and commercial art. Intending to become a fashion designer
Ljubljana: Tomšič, Marjana Lipovšek, Tomaž Pandur, Katia Ricciarelli, Grace Bumbry, Yehudi Menuhin, Mstislav Rostropovich, José Carreras, Slid Hampton, Zubin Mehta, Vadim
Virgil Thomson: American Artist to accompany the Museum's Centennial exhibition "New York Painting And Sculpture: 1940–1970". Thomson became a sort of mentor and father figure
List of people from Montclair, New Jersey: the Shah; Cary Grant was best man at the last of her four weddings; Yehudi Menuhin visited to play at her house in Sussex.", The Daily Telegraph, June
Royal Military School of Music: century and a half at Kneller Hall, which was the country house of the court painter Sir Godfrey Kneller and was rebuilt after a fire in 1848. The school is
1997 Birthday Honours: Adye Mary Fedden (Mrs Trevelyan), Painter. For services to Art. Barbara, Mrs Fisher, Chairman of Governors, Yehudi Menuhin School, Cobham, Surrey. For services

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