Victorine Meurent

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Victorine Meurent: Victorine-Louise Meurent (also Meurant; February 18, 1844 – March 17, 1927) was a French painter and a model for painters. Although she is best known
Olympia (Manet): by Victorine Meurent and Olympia's servant by the art model Laure. Olympia's confrontational gaze caused shock and astonishment when the painting was
Édouard Manet: Refusés, although fewer than 500 of the rejected painters chose to do so. Manet employed model Victorine Meurent, his wife Suzanne, future brother-in-law Ferdinand
The Balcony (Manet): an 1868-69 oil painting by the French painter Édouard Manet. It depicts four figures on a balcony, one of whom is sitting: the painter Berthe Morisot
The Railway: Saint-Lazare, is an 1873 painting by Édouard Manet. It is the last painting by Manet of his favourite model, the fellow painter Victorine Meurent, who was also the
Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe: reference during his creation process. The female nude is thought to be Victorine Meurent, the woman who became his favorite and frequently portrayed model
The Fifer: both Léon Leenhoff and Victorine Meurent have been seen in the boy's face and figure. A fictional tale concerning the painting forms the subject of an
A Woman With No Clothes On: is the story of 18-year-old Victorine Meurent, the painter Edouard Manet and their shared longing for the ultimate painting. The novel won the Trafalgar
Venus of Urbino: with the model Victorine Meurent. Lorenzo Bartolini developed the same theme in sculpture with his Venus (about 1830), based on the painting that his friend
A Family (painting): Olympia of Édouard Manet celebrating his favourite model, Victorine Meurent. My own painting A Family was conceived in 1950 in very different circumstances
The Croquet Game: fashionable game at that time. The group comprises the painter Alfred Stevens, artists' models Victorine Meurent and Alice Legouvé and, in the background, Manet's
The Spanish Singer: Matador 1866–67 Young Man in the Costume of a Majo 1863 Mademoiselle Victorine Meurent in the Costume of an Espada 1862 "The Spanish Singer, 1860, Édouard
Suzanne Manet: October 1829 – 8 March 1906) was a Dutch-born pianist and the wife of the painter Édouard Manet, for whom she frequently modeled. An excellent pianist, Leenhoff
Berthe Morisot with a Bouquet of Violets: Morisot au bouquet de violettes) is an 1872 oil painting by Édouard Manet. It depicts fellow painter Berthe Morisot dressed in black mourning dress, with
Laure (art model): maid offering the white nude figure a bouquet of flowers in Manet's 1863 painting Olympia. Laure has been described as African or Caribbean, her last name
Victorine (opera): Victorine is a four-act detective opera by the british conceptual artists Art & Language. It was created in English in the summer of 1983 and published
Agnès Thurnauer: extractions from paintings by Manet: A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, The Railway (of painter Victorine Louise Meurent), and another portrait of Meurent. Central
Model (art): Paris, a number of models earned a place in art history. Victorine Meurent became a painter herself after posing for several works, including two of the
1862 in art: of paintings) Édouard Manet Music in the Tuileries (National Gallery, London) Lola de Valence (Musée d'Orsay, Paris) The Old Musician Mlle. Victorine Meurent
Art-Language: LeWitt and Stephen Kaltenbach or independent works of them like the opera Victorine. Art-Language: The Journal of Conceptual Art was published by Art & Language
Portrait of Emile Zola: Portrait of Émile Zola is a painting of Émile Zola by Édouard Manet. Manet submitted the portrait to the 1868 Salon. At this time Zola was known for his
Steps piano cycle series (Seabourne): Delphinium (nothing can restrain this heart) Imagined Bouquet from Victorine Meurent Lilies on a Windowsill (outside-in) Imagined Bouquet from Charles

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