Tom Thomson

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Tom Thomson: Toronto: Rous and Mann Press. Hill, Charles (2002). "Tom Thomson, Painter". In Reid, Dennis (ed.). Tom Thomson. Toronto/Ottawa: Art Gallery of Ontario/National
The West Wind (painting): The West Wind is a 1917 painting by Canadian artist Tom Thomson. An iconic image, the pine at its centre has been described as growing "in the national
Death and legacy of Tom Thomson: The death of Tom Thomson, the Canadian painter, occurred on 8 July 1917, on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park in Nipissing District, Ontario, Canada
Group of Seven (artists): Contemporary painter Rae Johnson was inspired by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven in the themes of some of her works and her choice of painting place, as
Northern River (painting): Northern River is a 1914–15 oil painting by Canadian painter Tom Thomson. The work was inspired by a sketch completed over the same winter, possibly in
The Jack Pine: The Jack Pine is a well-known oil painting by Canadian artist Tom Thomson. A representation of the most broadly distributed pine species in Canada, it
Spring Ice: Spring Ice is a 1915–16 oil painting by Canadian painter Tom Thomson. The work was inspired by a sketch completed on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park. The
David Thomson, 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet: Kirchner, and Egon Schiele. Thomson owns the world's largest collection of paintings and drawings by the English painter John Constable. In an interview
A. Y. Jackson: Seven painters, Jackson embraced landscape themes and sought to develop a bold style. An avid outdoorsman, Jackson became good friends with Tom Thomson, and
En plein air: and well-established method of painting en plein air incorporates the use of oil paint. French impressionist painters such as Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro
Artistic development of Tom Thomson: Tom Thomson (1877–1917) was a Canadian painter from the beginning of the 20th century. Beginning from humble roots, his development as a career painter
Frederick Varley: war artists Group of Seven Tom Thomson War art War artist Reid, Dennis R. (1988). A Concise History of Canadian Painting, p. 142. Varley, Frederick Horsman
Drowned Land: Drowned Land is a 1912 oil sketch by the 20th-century Canadian painter Tom Thomson. The work was painted in the fall of 1912, possibly on the Mississagi
Stuckism: movement founded in 1999 by Billy Childish and Charles Thomson to promote figurative painting as opposed to conceptual art. By May 2017 the initial group
William Cruikshank (painter): University of Toronto. Hill, Charles (2002). "Tom Thomson, Painter". In Reid, Dennis (ed.). Tom Thomson. Toronto/Ottawa: Art Gallery of Ontario/National
The West Wind: (newspaper), an American newspaper The West Wind (painting), a 1917 painting by Canadian painter Tom Thomson The West Wind (sculpture), a 1928-9 sculpture
Western painting: patronage, Western painting later found audiences in the aristocracy and the middle class. From the Middle Ages through the Renaissance painters worked for the
Franklin Carmichael: (2002). "Tom Thomson, Painter". In Reid, Dennis (ed.). Tom Thomson. Toronto: Douglas & McIntyre. pp. 111–143. Jackson, A. Y. (1958). A Painter's Country
History of painting: Western painting later found audiences in the aristocracy and the middle class. From the Modern era, the Middle Ages through the Renaissance painters worked
William T. Warrener: William Tom Warrener (1861 – 1934) was an English painter of portraits, landscapes and figurative subjects. He is best known for being the subject of
Painters Eleven: been heavily influenced by the landscape painting of the Group of Seven, and the Canadian Group of Painters. The Canadian public often regarded modernist
Kim Dorland: (2011-08-23). "Painting Through Your Obsession About Love". Hyperallergic. Retrieved 2021-03-02. Angel, Sara (2013-10-17). "Kim Dorland: 'Tom Thomson on acid'"
Outline of painting: Canadian Artists began noticing a similarity in style. Canadian Painters Tom Thomson, J.E.H. MacDonald, Arthur Lismer, Frederick Varley, Frank Johnston
Þórarinn B. Þorláksson: contemporary painters, the first Icelander to exhibit paintings in Iceland, and recipient of the first public grant that country made to a painter. Þórarinn
Lawren Harris: Harris painting goes for $2.8 million at Heffel auction | Toronto Star". Toronto Star. Retrieved 27 November 2016. "Lawren Harris, Tom Thomson and Alex
Richard Gorman: particularly Tom Thomson, is an inescapable presence. Gorman's first art classes were at the gallery. Gorman was recognized early as a painter of promise
Art Gallery of Ontario: presentation is evident in how the museum exhibits Tom Thomson's The West Wind. When the painting was exhibited at the Mclean Centre, it was presented
Blake Debassige: communities, co-curated by Debassige and Stephen Hogbin and hosted at the Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, August 23-September 22, 1991 and the Ojibway Cultural
Henry Fuseli: his death. As Keeper, he was succeeded by Henry Thomson. In 1799 Fuseli exhibited a series of paintings from subjects furnished by the works of John Milton
William Thomson (artist): for his portraiture and paintings of the female nude. Major influences on his work included Rembrandt, Degas and Cezanne. Thomson was born in Hamilton,
Charles Thomson (artist): Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. In October 2006, Thomson exhibited paintings and presented an academic paper in both the Triumph of Stuckism
Arthur Lismer: English-Canadian painter, member of the Group of Seven and educator. He is known primarily as a landscape painter and for his paintings of ships in dazzle
List of Canadian painters: following is an alphabetical list of professional Canadian painters, primarily working in fine art painting and drawing. See other articles for information on
Canadian art: the Canadian Group of Painters, made up of 28 artists from across the country. Today, particularly with the work of Tom Thomson, the Group of Seven and
Joan Murray (art historian): in Kleinburg, Ontario. Murray was responsible for bringing the paintings of Tom Thomson to world attention through a series of exhibitions and books, including
James MacCallum: a Canadian ophthalmologist and one of the most important patrons of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. He was born in Richmond Hill, north of Toronto
William Firth MacGregor: prison. More than 30 paintings, made by MacGregor, were admitted as evidence in the trial, all bearing fake signatures of Tom Thomson, A.Y. Jackson, J.E
Ken Danby: a Canadian painter and medallist. Danby is best known for creating highly realistic paintings that study everyday life. His 1972 painting At the Crease
List of British artists: Neoclassical painter especially of romantic paintings Matthew William Peters (1742–1814) English portrait painter James Barry (1741–1806) – Irish painter Henry
List of Australian artists: Nigel Thomson (1945–1999): artist of satirical paintings of society Lesbia Thorpe (1919–2009); printmaker Mark Threadgold (born 1977): painter Imants
List of Scottish artists: landscape painter and minister of Duddingston Kirk William John Thomson RSA (1771–1845), portrait and miniaturist painter George Watson (1767–1837), painter David
David Bierk: Canada, Ottawa, Ontario The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario Tom Thomson Art Gallery Owen Sound, Ontario 1991 Best Album Cover of the Year, RAW
Woodlands style: called the Woodlands school, Legend painting, Medicine painting, and Anishnabe painting, is a genre of painting among First Nations and Native American
Rae Johnson: the Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, whose work she had seen at the National Gallery of Canada when she was still a student. Primarily a painter, Johnson's
Frank Johnston (artist): in 1915, he used his spare time from commercial art to pursue landscape painting, through sketching trips around Toronto. In 1918, he was commissioned by
George Paginton: his teacher, J. W. Beatty, and by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. Like Beatty, Paginton was a believer in painting the Canadian scene, and his job providing
List of Canadian artists: (1910–1996), painter, graphic designer, muralist, illustrator Jeff Thomas (born 1956), photo-based storyteller Tom Thomson (1877–1917), painter Gentile Tondino
Post-Impressionism: Post-Impressionism: Cross-currents in European Painting (exh. cat., ed. J. House and M. A. Stevens; London, RA, 1979–80) B. Thomson. The Post-Impressionists (Oxford
Owen Staples: articles for the Telegram on subjects of his own choosing. In 1905, Tom Thomson came under the influence of his cousin Dr. William Brodie. Brodie was
Sir Nicholas Serota Makes an Acquisitions Decision: nominee. In 1999, Thomson was the co-founder, with Billy Childish of the Stuckism art group, which set out to promote figurative painting, in opposition
Monica Tap: Alberta, the Art Gallery of Guelph, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (NYC, Berlin)
J. E. H. MacDonald: encouraged his colleagues—including future artist Tom Thomson—to develop their skills as painters. In 1899, MacDonald married Joan Lavis, and two years
William Ronald: Canadian painter, best known as the founder of the influential Canadian abstract art group Painters Eleven in 1954 and for his "central image" paintings. He
Fine Weather, Georgian Bay: Jackson on the left and Tom Thomson on the right—tying up their canoe, silhouetted against the clear, still waters. The painting exudes an air of the easy
Manchester School of Painters: W Thomson, Manchester’s Victorian Art Scene And Its Unrecognised Artists, Manchester Art Press, 2007, Chapter 8, The Manchester School of Painters, pp
Harold Klunder: the Tom Thomson Memorial Gallery in Owen Sound organized an exhibition, as did Museum London in 1999. In 2020, his work was included in Painting Nature
Paul Kremer: UC Berkeley among many others. Color field painting Hard-edge painting Post-painterly abstraction Dada Conceptual Art Rubinstein, Rafael (March 2018)
1997 in art: Documenta X opens in Kassel. Archibald Prize – Nigel Thomson, Barbara Blackman John Moores Painting Prize - Dan Hays for "Harmony in Green" Schock Prize
Edinburgh College of Art: Bruce Thomson, artist Clare Twomey, artist Richard Wright, artist, winner of the 2009 Turner Prize John Bellany, painter William Crozier, painter Victorine
Damien Hirst: at that time, to have credibly been plagiarized. Thomson also suggested that Hirst's spin paintings and installation of a ball on a jet of air were not
Florence Helena McGillivray: was also a teacher. In 1916, on a visit to his studio, she encouraged Tom Thomson. Florence McGillivray was born in Pickering Township in Ontario on March
A. J. Casson: age 60, to paint full-time. He also helped police uncover forgeries of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. A. J. Casson died on February 20, 1992, just
Duncan Macmillan (art historian): Scottish painter and printmaker Elizabeth Blackadder Duncan Macmillan, Scottish Art 1460-2000 (Mainstream, 2nd edition, 2000, ISBN 1840182555) Tom Hewlett
Alex Cameron (artist): shapes into abstractions; in the latter part of his career, influenced by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, he sought to delineate landscape in his semi-abstract
Mark D: Machine, La Viande. Retrieved 13 February 2008. Thomson, Charles. "Charles Thomson" in: Jeffreys, Tom. "London exhibitions" Archived 9 March 2010 at the
Frederick Arthur Verner: 16, 1928) was a Canadian painter, well-known for his paintings of the First Nations in the Canadian west and for his paintings of buffalo. His pictures
Tobi Bruce: Mahoney, Jeff. "Will real Tom Thomson please stand up (to scrutiny)? Art Gallery of Hamilton show delves into how paintings are authenticated". www.thespec
Hugh Thomson: and Sullivan." Thomson was elected RI, a member of the Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours in 1897 and retired in 1907. Thomson was the first of
Edwin Holgate: Retrieved 2021-05-08. Silcox, David P. (2011). The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson. Firefly Books Ltd. p. 47. ISBN 978-1-55407-154-8. Hill, Charles (20
Ann MacIntosh Duff: known for her watercolor paintings. She was born in Toronto, the daughter of John MacIntosh and Constance Hamilton Duff. The painter and graphic artist Walter
Royal Canadian Academy of Arts: Governor General of Canada, the Marquess of Lorne, was its first patron. The painter Lucius O’Brien was its first President. The objects of the Academy as stated
Studio Building (Toronto): enough to make a living from painting alone), could not afford the $22 monthly studio rental fee. There was another factor: Thomson had never really enjoyed
Robert G. Kemp: paintings have won 5 awards and can be found in the collections of the Tom Thomson Memorial Gallery in Owen Sound, Ontario and Princess Anne of the British
J. W. Beatty: his work changed to more vibrant tones. Paintings of Algonquin Park were becoming a theme of Canadian painters in the early years of the Twentieth century
Alicia Boutilier: Mahoney, Jeff. "Will real Tom Thomson please stand up (to scrutiny)? Art Gallery of Hamilton show delves into how paintings are authenticated". www.thespec
George Grosz: for a car repair bill, in his relative penury. The painting was later acquired by house painter Tom Constantine to settle a debt of $104.00. The Heckscher
Dennis Hopper: film. He was a prolific photographer, painter, and sculptor. Hopper's fascination with art began with painting lessons at the Nelson-Atkins Museum while
John Hartman (artist): book Big North: The Paintings of John Hartman, a major exhibition of Hartman`s works, organized by Museum London and the Tom Thomson Art Gallery which toured
Joel Richardson: inspired him as a young athlete. These paintings would later be displayed at his first major exhibition at the Tom Thomson Memorial Gallery. While at 888 Dupont
Canadian Group of Painters: Wayback Machine, UBC Okanagan "Formation of the Canadian Group of Painters". Canadian Painting in the Thirties. National Gallery of Canada. Archived from the
The Rape of the Sabine Women: from the other cities in the region. It has been a frequent subject of painters and sculptors, particularly during the Renaissance and post-Renaissance
List of victims of the September 11 attacks: Reuters Robert Arthur Campbell 25 WTC New York New York United States painter Fine Painting and Decorating Sandra Patricia Campbell 45 WTC New York New York
Glynn Boyd Harte: musician Brian Eno, novelist Isobel Strachey, painter Duncan Grant and the American composer Virgil Thomson. Harte would collaborate with filmmaker and
Frederic Marlett Bell-Smith: the Canadian landscape as its subject matter. Later artists, including Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, and the Group of Seven, contributed to this focus on Canada’s
Highgate Cemetery: Kong Tom Smith, inventor of the Christmas cracker Charles Green Spencer, pioneer aviator and balloon manufacturer Alfred Stevens, sculptor, painter and
Daphne Odjig: Council's Art Bank, the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec, the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, the Sequoyah Research
Robert Kost: hundreds of paintings that he was not satisfied with over the course of his career. His early influences included the Group of Seven, Tom Thomson, and French
List of painters in the Art Institute of Chicago: and only 2,382 of these are paintings. In the following list, the painter's name is followed by the number of their paintings in the collection, with a
National Gallery of Canada: (2019–present) Charlotte Schreiber, The Croppy Boy, 1879 Tom Thomson, Northern River, 1914–15 Tom Thomson, Spring Ice, 1915–16 J. E. H. MacDonald, The Tangled
Domus Aurea: ; Kirkpatrick, Diane (1991). Gardner's Art Through the Ages (9th ed.). Thomson/Wadsworth. p. 225. ISBN 0-15-503769-2. Suetonius, Otho 7.1 Cassius Dio
Robert Houle: the Carleton University Art Gallery, the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Ontario, La Biennale de Montreal
Kathleen Morris: blame." — Kathleen Morris Morris's paintings can be compared to the work of Les Nabis, a group of mainly French painters active in the 1890s, whose works
List of The Love Boat episodes: Dworkin, Samantha Eggar, Arthur Godfrey, Minnie Pearl, Zane Lasky, Dorrie Thomson. 49 24 "Ages of Man / Bo 'n Sam / Families" TBA TBA March 10, 1979 (1979-03-10)
Thoreau MacDonald: Collection, Kleinburg Tom Thomson, Day Dreaming, Winter 1913–15. Location unknown MacDonald told Toronto art collectors that this painting depicted him. Murray
Velasquez Gallery: H. Tichauer, Louise Thomas, Violet Teague, Francis Roy Thompson, Rollo Thomson, Albert Tucker, Kit Turner, Danila Vassilieff, J. Wentcher, Tina Wentcher
Binyinyuwuy Djarrankuykuy: of his work. He was recognized alongside other prolific painters in his community, like Tom Djäwa and David Malangi. Today, his work can be found at
Scottish Renaissance painted ceilings: (PDF). Duncan Thomson, Painting in Scotland 1570–1650, National Galleries of Scotland (1975), 42-49 Michael Apted & Susan Hannabuss, Painters in Scotland
Jeff Willmore: to April 2014. Nixon, Rick. Jeff Willmore: Organizing the Search for Tom Thomson. September 2007. Reaney, James Stewart. "Canadian Artists as they see
Algonquin Provincial Park: of Algonquin Park attracted artists such as Tom Thomson along with members of the Group of Seven. Thomson served as a guide in the park, often working
Virgil Thomson: 1969, Thomson composed Metropolitan Museum Fanfare: Portrait Of An American Artist to accompany the Museum's Centennial exhibition "New York Painting And

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