Theodore Apsevdis

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Theodore Apsevdis: Theodore Apsevdis (Greek: Θεόδωρος Αψευδής, 1150–1215) was a Greek painter from Constantinople. He is one of the few Byzantine painters known by name
Manuel Panselinos: Protaton, Karyes Jesus and the Cross, Protaton, Karyes Ioannis Pagomenos Theodore Apsevdis Tsigaridas, Euth. N. (2003). Manuel Panselinos from the Holy Church
List of Greek artists: Silentiary Manuel Philes George Pisida Michael Psellos John Tzetzes Theodore Apsevdis Michael Astrapas and Eutychios Theophanes the Greek Manuel Panselinos
Panagia tou Araka: and were painted by a Constantinopolitan-trained monk named Theodore Apsevdis. Apsevdis's work could have possibly been commissioned by a Byzantine aristocrat
Georgios Kalliergis: Greek painter. He is one of the few Greek painters of the Byzantine empire known by name. Other Byzantine painters include: Theodore Apsevdis, Kokkinobaphos
Manuel Fokas: Other Greek-Byzantine painters included: Georgios Kalliergis, Ioannis Pagomenos, and Theodore Apsevdis. Another very important painter active around the same
Michael Astrapas and Eutychios: of painting during the Palaeologan Renaissance. Other prominent Byzantine artists were Ioannis Pagomenos, Theophanes the Greek and Theodore Apsevdis. The
Ioannis Kornaros: Greek art. He is one few Greek painters affiliated with Cyprus. Others included Ioannis Kyprios and Theodore Apsevdis. His teacher was Georgios Kastrofylakas
Frangos Katelanos: classical style of Byzantine fresco painting. Other painters who painted frescoes in the Byzantine style were Theodore Apsevdis, Ioannis Pagomenos, Manuel Panselinos
1150s: (d. 1176) Stephen Langton, English archbishop (d. 1228) Theodore Apsevdis, Byzantine painter (d. 1215) Umadevi, Indian queen and general (d. 1218) William

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