Silence (2016 film)

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List of feature films with LGBT characters: maint: url-status (link) Natalie (6 July 2012). "Film Review of "Yes or No?" Using Humor to Break the Silence of LGBT Voices in Thailand". QWOC Media. Atkinson
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Marguerite Horner: Winner of the MSAmlin Award for painting Church "Anything Goes" Art Bermondsey Project Space, London (2017) "Silence Un-Scene" Lewisham Art House, London
Shefali Shah: is fond of painting and cooking. Finding painting therapeutic, she says it gives her the creative outlet she craves when not acting in films. She trained
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Joseph: King of Dreams: explained how things turned awry at the film screening: When the lights came on in the screening room, the silence was deafening. All the execs put down

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