Ram Kumar (artist)

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Ram Kumar (artist): Ram Kumar (23 September 1924 – 14 April 2018) was an Indian artist and writer who has been described as one of India's foremost abstract painters. He
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List of Delhi Technological University alumni: January 2019. Retrieved 19 January 2020. "Om Prakash Sharma - Indian Artist, Painter". Art Intaglio. Retrieved 20 January 2020. "Arpita Singh". Talwar Gallery
Mere Jeevan Saathi (1972 film): famous Kishore Kumar melodies from this film. Prakash (Rajesh Khanna) is a son of a rich father (K. N. Singh) who wants to become an artist. His father challenges
Sohan Qadri: Swaminathan, and Ram Kumar, who were building on earlier Indian modernist movements such as the Calcutta Group (1942) and the Progressive Artists Group of Bombay
Pattachitra: in the Paintings are natural and paintings are made fully old traditional way by Chitrakaras that is Odiya Painter. Pattachitra style of painting is one
Anjolie Ela Menon: erstwhile USSR. She collects works of other artists including Aprita Singh, Rini Dumal, F.N. Souza, Jamini Roy, Ram Kumar, and K.G. Subramanyam. 2000: The Padma
Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy School of Art: Sena Ram V. Sutar (born 1925), sculptor Ratnadeep Adivrekar (born 1974), artist Reena Saini Kallat (born 1973), painter Riyas Komu (born 1971), artist Syed
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Benode Behari Mukherjee: Nemai (2004). Ray and the Blind Painter: An Odyssey into the Inner Eye, Kolkata: New Age. Chakrabarti, Jayanta, Arun Kumar Nag and R. Sivakumar The Santiniketan
Satish Gujral: civilian award of the Republic of India, in 1999. His elder brother, Inder Kumar Gujral, was the Prime Minister of India between 1997 and 1998. Gujral was
Ravishankar Raval: the Rajput-art-style painting 'Bilwamangal' for which he won the Bombay Art Society gold medal was dismissed by a Parsi artist as 'a printed label on
Ramkinkar Baij: structures, could be utilized to ‘encourage Indian artists to function in 'some way’ and sculptors, painters, designers, etc. could be asked to cooperate.
A. Ramachandran: documentary feature by K. Vikram Singh, 2004 The artist's website "M G varsity in Kerala honours CNR Rao, N Ram". Business Standard. 21 November 2013. Retrieved
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Painting in Bihar: canvas. Famous Mithila painters have included Smt Bharti Dayal, Mahasundari Devi, the late Ganga Devi, and Sita Devi. Mithila painting is also called Madhubani
Bikash Bhattacharjee: (21 June 1940 – 18 December 2006) was an Indian painter from Kolkata in West Bengal. Through his paintings, he depicted the life of the average middle-class
Phulan Rani: infant. Her father,Dr Ram Singh was a doctor. She showed a great interest in fine arts, particularly for painting and dancing. Dr Ram Singh encouraged and
Nirode Mazumdar: went to the Royal Academy to learn sculpture and soon painters like Paritosh Sen, S.H.Raza, Ram Kumar, Shanu Lahiri, Sankho Chowdhury, Haimati Sen, Anjolie
Sobha Singh (painter): as a painter. Now, this place is very well known due to Sobha Singh Art Gallery and Museum. The family of the late artist has also added 'Artist Residency'
Tyeb Mehta: Indian painter, sculptor and film maker. He was part of the Bombay Progressive Artists' Group and the first post-colonial generation of artists in India
List of people from Uttarakhand: Padam Shri in 2007 and Padam Bhushan in 2015 Surendra Pal Joshi, artist known for paintings, sculptures and murals Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali ,freedom fighter
N. S. Bendre: medal in 1941. Part of 1945 was spent as artist-in-residence at Santiniketan, where he met Nandalal Bose, Ram Kinkar Baij and Binode Behari Mukherjee.
Srimati Lal: authentications and analytical studies of leading contemporary artists, including Ram Kumar ('Symphony to Survival': Vadehra Art Gallery, 1990s); Arpita
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Nargis: period drama Humayun, opposite the leading actor of those times, Ashok Kumar. The film was moderately successful. Among her early releases were Mela
Tagore family: painter and writer, was also the first 'upacharya' of Visva-Bharati University. Rathindranath Tagore's wife, Pratima Devi (1893-1969), was an artist associated
2012 Delhi gang rape and murder: sixteen poems authored by Sunil Kumar Verma which depicted the pain of a nation at the gang rape of its daughters. Several artists have been inspired to create
Jahangir: being able to determine the artist of any portrait by simply looking at a painting. As he said: ...my liking for painting and my practice in judging it
Shilpa Shastras: Image of Shri Nathji in Nathdvara Miniature Painting, South Asia Research, July, vol. 29, no. 2, pages 99-126 Ram Raz, Henry Harkness (1834), Essay on the
Paresh Maity: Gallery Sumukha, Hong Kong 2012 : ‘Eternal Landscape’, joint show with Ram Kumar at ICIA, Mumbai 2012 : Solo Exhibition Chennai presented by Gallery Sumukha
Rajasthani people: artists of Rajasthan by R.K. Vaśishṭha Painted Folklore and Folklore Painters of India. Concept Publishing Company. 1976. Indian Murals and Paintings
Pakhal Tirumal Reddy: Pakala Tirumal Reddy (1915–1996) was an Indian artist. He was the fifth child born to Ram Reddy and Ramanammachild at Annaram village, Karimnagar district
Vasudeo S. Gaitonde: himself an abstract painter and is averse to be called one. In fact he asserts that there is no such thing as abstract painting, instead he refers to
Vyjayanthimala: She then co-starred with Dilip Kumar for the sixth time in Ram Mukherjee's Leader. The film was a comeback film for Kumar, whose last film was Gunga Jumna
Nandalal Bose: modern paintings. In 1976, the Archaeological Survey of India, Department of Culture, Govt. of India declared his works among the "nine artists" whose
Baua Devi: Baua Devi is a Mithila painting artist from Jitwarpur village of Madhubani District in Bihar. Mithila painting is an ancient folk art that originated
Kailash Chandra Meher: Indian artist, inventor, and social activist. He is a painter of contemporary modern art paintings and traditional Tussar Pattachitra paintings of Odisha
Durga Bai Vyam: 2019. "The Gond artist Durgabai - sunitanair". sunitanair.in. Retrieved 2019-03-15. "Durga Bai | Paintings by Durga Bai | Durga Bai Painting - Saffronart
Beohar Rammanohar Sinha: Devanagari-script, either in short Ram or in full Rammanohar, but rarely scribed his surname. Most of his later paintings bear a unique red seal with his
Taare Zameen Par: year, Ram organises an arts and crafts contest for the staff and students, judged by artist Lalita Lajmi. Ishaan's work makes him the winner and Ram, who
Akbar Padamsee: 1928 – 6 January 2020) was an Indian artist and painter, considered one of the pioneers in modern Indian painting along with S.H. Raza, F.N. Souza and
Jangarh Singh Shyam: contemporary Indian art. He was among the first Gond artists to use paper and canvas for his paintings, thereby inaugurating what is now known as Jangarh
Shanti Dave: Shanti Dave is an Indian painter and sculptor, considered by many as one of the major Indian artists of the twentieth century. He is a former member of
Sare Jahan se Accha (drawing): from street watchers. The artist believes that the pencil sketch was the turning point in his life. Expenses for the painting were 500,000 Rs. It included
Manu Parekh: is an Indian painter, known for his several paintings on the city of Varanasi. Reported to be influenced by Rabindranath Tagore and Ram Kinker Baij, Parekh
Sridevi: Ramarajyamlo Bheemaraju, Jayam manade, Samajaniki sawal, Mama Allulla Sawal, Ram Robert Rahim and Khaidi Rudrayya. She acted with Chiranjeevi in Jagadeka
Madhuri Dixit: them. Her other commercially successful films during this period include Ram Lakhan (1989), Tridev (1989), Thanedaar (1990), Kishen Kanhaiya (1990), Saajan
Jaggayya: in Duggirala. He got trained in the art of painting under the guidance of Adivi Bapiraju, a noted painter, during his college days. As a student, he joined
Gulam Mohammed Sheikh: and 1967–81,) and as Professor of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda (1982–1993). He has been a Visiting Artist at the Art Institute of Chicago in
S. H. Raza: An Introduction to his Painting", by Michel Imbert, Rainbow Publishers, Noida, 2003. "Raza: Text-Interview-Poetry, Ravi Kumar" by ashok Vajpeyi, New Delhi
Bapu (director): professionally as Bapu, was an Indian film director, painter, illustrator, cartoonist, screenwriter, music artist, and designer known for his works in Telugu and
Bhuri Bai: multi-coloured dots as in-filling. Bhuri Bai was the first artist of her community to start painting on paper. Her typically colourful canvases usually depict
Jivya Soma Mashe: Mashe a legendary Warli artist Nek Chand — Jivya Soma Mashe, Halle Saint Pierre, Paris Warli Art Home Page [1] The Warli Painting Artist Jivya Soma Mashe
Fatehpur, Rajasthan: camels. A haveli was purchased in 1998 by French artist Nadine a descendant of prestigious French painter Jean-Baptiste Le Prince. The "Nand Lal Devra Haveli"
Anbe Sivam: 3 December 2020. Retrieved 3 December 2020. Kumar, S. R. Ashok (16 November 2006). "This character artist's first love is direction". The Hindu. Archived
K. G. Subramanyan: largest, curated by R. Siva Kumar at the National Gallery of Modern Art. From 1951 to 59 Mr. Subramanyan was the Lecturer in Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts
Shefali Shah: about finding the artist within". Indulge Express. Retrieved 5 April 2022. Coutinho, Natasha (31 October 2017). "Shefali Shah turns painter". Mumbai Mirror
National Gallery of Modern Art: Art Exhibition that included paintings of modern French and English artists, as well as etchings from American artists. The exhibition coincided with
Laxman Pai: Laxman Pai (21 January 1926 – 14 March 2021) was an Indian artist and painter. He was a principal of the Goa College of Art, a post he held from 1977 to
List of Brahmins: artist and Painter who received Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan M. V. Dhurandhar, Indian artist known for his Post card arts N. S. Bendre, Indian artist
Sunil Das: August 1939 – 10 August 2015) was an Indian expressionist painter. He is known for the paintings in his Bull Series and his piece "Woman". In 2014 the Government
Mughal Karkhanas: Development. Pragati Publications. p. 21. ISBN 978-81-7307-021-1. Sharma, Sri Ram (1951). Mughal Government and Administration. Hind Kitabs. p. 61. Sumit (2012)
Assam: Hastividyarnava manuscript A page of manuscript painting from Assam; The medieval painters used locally manufactured painting materials such as the colours of hangool
Vijay Sharma: Vijay Sharma is an Indian painter and art historian, known for his expertise in the Pahari school of miniature painting. He was honored by the Government
Garhwali people: Mola Ram (18th century Indian painter, who originated the Garhwal branch of the Pahari/Kangra school of painting) Ranbir Singh Bisht (Indian painter and
Kiran Nadar Museum of Art: S. Harsha, Ram Kumar, Rameshwar Broota, S. H. Raza, Subodh Gupta, Tyeb Mehta, and V. S. Gaitonde. Two of the most significant paintings acquired by Kiran
Bhupen Khakhar: recognition for his work. Khakhar was a self-trained artist, and started his career as a painter relatively late in his life. His works were figurative
Rekha: features her as Durga, a Tamilian labourer who falls for the thief Mohan Kumar-Saxena (Shashi Kapoor). Cine Blitz praised Rekha for proving her talent
Amol Palekar: School of Arts, Mumbai, and commenced his artistic career as a painter. As a painter, he had seven one-man exhibitions and participated in many group
Patna: SHEKHAR (14 June 2012). "Fade-out tale of art school – Artists remember style of indigenous painting, narrate days of its glory and decline". The Telegraph
Laxma Goud: Indian painter, printmaker and draughtsman. He works in variety of mediums including etching, gouache, pastel, sculpture, and glass painting. He is best
V. Shantaram: his film career doing odd jobs in Maharashtra Film Co. owned by Baburao Painter at Kolhapur. He went on to debut as an actor in the silent film Surekha
Radha: rich material to Pahari painters in general and to the artists of Garhwal in particular. The central theme of Kangra painting is love. A closely related
Sikhs: common in Sikh painting. From 2007 to present renowned Sikh painter Kanwar Singh (artofpunjab.com) has been creating exceptional paintings exclusively devoted
Gurcharan Singh (painter): Gurcharan Singh is an Indian painter, known for his figurative paintings. He was born in 1949 at Patiala, in the Indian state of Punjab and studied at
Kripal Singh Shekhawat: Japan. He was also the director of Sawai Ram Singh Shilpa Kala Mandir at Jaipur where he taught Indian painting and Blue Pottery. He was conferred the Padma
Mamata Banerjee: identifies herself as a Hindu. Banerjee is a self-taught painter and a poet. Her 300 paintings were sold for ₹9crore (₹90 million, £990,000 or US$1,350
Arpita Singh: Dutta, 1937) is an Indian artist. She was born in 1937 at Baranagar in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Known to be a figurative artist and a modernist, her canvases
Deaths in April 2022: Palestine, Polonia Warsaw), heart attack. Donald Baechler, 65, American painter and sculptor, heart attack. Eric Boehlert, 57, American media critic and
Air India: works of important Indian artists and photographers of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, sculptures, wood carvings, glass paintings, a large collection of rare
Krishna Reddy (artist): in Madras. It was at this time that he took interest in sculpture and painting. In 1949, he moved to London, and continued his sculpture studies with
Notable people associated with Santiniketan: Bengal school of art joined as chancellor of Visva Bharati in 1942. Asit Kumar Haldar, was art teacher in Santiniketan Vidyalaya from 1911 to 1915 and
Satyajit Ray: in the field of arts and literature. Starting his career as a commercial artist, he was drawn into independent filmmaking after meeting French filmmaker
S. Shakir Ali: a court artist. Sayed Shakir Ali, though graduated in Arts from Rajasthan University in 1978, took up the tutelage of renowned painters , Ram Gopal Vijayvargiya

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