Pursuit Special

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Freehand brush work: gestures related to paintings’ theme. The same as flowers and birds, landscape freehand works convey painters’ inner ideas and pursuit through abstract image
Road with Cypress and Star: oil-on-canvas painting by Dutch post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. It is the last painting he made in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. The painting is part
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Wyndham Lewis: Lewis and Lawrence." In The Common Pursuit, New York University Press. Michel, Walter. (1971) Wyndham Lewis: Paintings and Drawings. Berkeley: University
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Vincent Colyer: British Columbia Columbia River (1875) Pueblo Passing Shower (1876) In Pursuit of Joseph, (appeared in Harper's Weekly, August 18, 1877) "Colyer here
Andrey Avinoff: leading botanical painter of the day. He illustrated numerous books and folios and was called “one of the greatest American flower painters of the 20th century”
Fine art: imagination required, with history painting placed higher than still life. Historically, the five main fine arts were painting, sculpture, architecture, music
Surrealism: he met Frida Kahlo and saw her paintings for the first time. Breton declared Kahlo to be an "innate" Surrealist painter. In 1929 the satellite group associated
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Lilly Martin Spencer: reproduced American female genre painters in the mid-nineteenth century. She primarily painted domestic scenes, paintings of women and children in a warm
Aldobrandini Madonna: p. 175. Wornum, R (1864). The Epochs of Painting: a Biographical and Critical Essay on Painting and Painters. London: Chapman & Hall. p. 207. "The Virgin
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Steve Cohen (businessman): Viswanatha, Aruna; Chung, Juliet (January 8, 2016). "Deal Ends SEC's Pursuit of Steven Cohen". The Wall Street Journal. Archived from the original on
Thangka: Connections in Tibetan Arhat Painting. Serindia Publications 2004, ISBN 978-1932476071 David P. Jackson, Patron and Painter: Situ Panchen and the Revival
Ubud: ethnic German born in Russia who taught painting and music, and dabbled in dance. Spies and foreign painters Willem Hofker and Rudolf Bonnet entertained
Ruby Neri: sometimes political outlet than a serious artistic pursuit for Neri, the influence of her time spent painting in the street is still visible in her work today
Leonid Steele: Soviet Impressionism and Soviet Impressionist Painting. Steele is featured alongside such important painters of the period as Aleksandr Gerasimov, Aleksandr
Japanese art: including ancient pottery, sculpture, ink painting and calligraphy on silk and paper, ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock prints, ceramics, origami, and
Wheat Fields: Wheat Fields is a series of dozens of paintings by Dutch Post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh, borne out of his religious studies and sermons, connection
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Australia: Smith, Terry (1996). "Kngwarreye Woman, Abstract Painter", p. 24 in Emily Kngwarreye – Paintings, North Ryde NSW: Craftsman House / G + B Arts International
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Renaissance: Renaissance saw revolutions in many intellectual and social scientific pursuits, as well as the introduction of modern banking and the field of accounting
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Gabriel Allon: Allon's grandfather was a well-known Berlin-based German Expressionist painter who passed his talents on to his daughter (Gabriel's mother) before he
José Manuel Ramírez Rosales: Ramírez Rosales (1804 in Santiago – 1877 in Valparaíso) was a Chilean painter who was educated in France. He specialized in landscapes and maritime scenes
Czech Republic: Bohemian Forest and the Giant Mountains attract visitors seeking outdoor pursuits. There is a number of beer festivals. The country is also known for its
Conservation and restoration of cultural property: and restorer Yves Morvan Painting of the 15th century cleared before restoration Painting after restoration Bacchus, the painting originating from the Workshop
Ansel Adams: Edward Carpenter's Towards Democracy, a literary work which endorsed the pursuit of beauty in life and art. For several years, Adams carried a pocket edition
Jane Frank: artist, known as a painter, sculptor, mixed media artist, illustrator, and textile artist. Her landscape-like, mixed-media abstract paintings are included in
Leo Wrye Zimmerman: Zimmerman began his artistic pursuits as a painter while living in Paris from 1948-53. Zimmerman produced abstract oil paintings featuring crisp transitions
Miriam Tinguely: Miriam Tinguely (born 1950) is a Swiss artist who started painting when she was 15. Born to two well-known artists, Jean Tinguely and Eva Aeppli, she was
List of Adam-12 episodes: dispute in a park, where an elderly woman tries to stop a painter from selling a painting that she considers indecent. To resolve the issue (due to the
Grace Turnbull: 26, 1976) was an American painter, sculptor and writer. Born to a cultured family in Baltimore, Turnbull studied painting at the Maryland Institute College
Jim Abeita: be an artist. He made his first steps in painting looking up to his uncle, Joe Charley, a self-taught painter. In 1953, Abeita enrolled in the Crownpoint
Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche: modern art, particularly abstract painting and the work of Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky. He began painting under the guidance of his teacher,
New Zealand: period, literature changed from a journalistic activity to a more academic pursuit. Participation in the world wars gave some New Zealand writers a new perspective
Dan Pyle: and New York, and now also in Asia. In Pursuit of Freedom (1) (2009) In Pursuit of Freedom (2) (2009) In Pursuit of Freedom (3) (2009) 2015 Still Point
Bloomsbury Group: post-impressionist painter E. M. Forster, fiction writer Roger Fry, art critic and post-impressionist painter Duncan Grant, post-impressionist painter John Maynard
Veneto: churches of Venice abound with his paintings. The Scuola Grande di San Rocco alone sports 66 paintings by this painter. The San Giorgio Maggiore houses
Greece: were individual, mobile paintings on wooden boards, technically described as panel paintings. Also, the tradition of wall painting in Greece goes back at
Massimo d'Azeglio: tapaˈrɛlli dadˈdzeʎʎo]), was a Piedmontese-Italian statesman, novelist and painter. He was Prime Minister of Sardinia for almost three years, until his rival
The Battle of Alexander at Issus: painting by the German artist Albrecht Altdorfer (c. 1480–1538), a pioneer of landscape art and a founding member of the Danube school. The painting portrays
Ernest Hemingway: Fontana thought that a "horror of homosexuality" drove the short story A Pursuit Race. Beegel found that "despite the academy's growing interest in multiculturalism
Jean Metzinger: Metzinger was studying painting under Hippolyte Touront, a well-known portrait painter who taught an academic, conventional style of painting. Metzinger, however
Paintings of Children (Van Gogh series): of children, but those he completed were special to him. During the ten years of Van Gogh's career as a painter, from 1881 to 1890, his work changed and
England: More recent painters include Lucian Freud, whose work Benefits Supervisor Sleeping in 2008 set a world record for sale value of a painting by a then-living
Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery: public holidays only. 21 April 1936 saw a special commemorative ceremony on the completion of the paintings and exactly one year later the Gallery opened
Pele (deity): Bernice P. Bishop Museum's Special Publications section. In 2003 the Volcano Art Center had a special competition for Pele paintings to replace one done in
Egide Linnig: Linnig or Egidius Linnig (25 August 1821 – 13 October 1860) was a Belgian painter, draughtsman and engraver who is best known for his marine art and occasional
Iceland: expressionistic and figurative painter who by some is considered to have brought the figure back into Icelandic painting. In the 1980s, many Icelandic
Valeri Larko: it rusting and derelict, changed her focus from her original pursuit as a figure painter to an interpreter of urban landscape. Moving to Summit, New Jersey

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