Mark Gertler (artist)

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Mark Gertler (artist): Mark Gertler (9 December 1891 – 23 June 1939), born Marks Gertler, was a British painter of figure subjects, portraits and still-life. His early life and
List of British artists: sculptor and vorticist Mark Gertler (1891–1939) – British portrait and landscape painter Stanley Spencer (1891–1959) – English painter Arthur Ralph Middleton
Dora Carrington: Nevinson and Mark Gertler. All at one time or another were in love with her, as was Nash's younger brother John Nash, who hoped to marry her. Gertler pursued
John Currie (artist): joined the 'Neo-Primitive' group that included fellow Slade students Mark Gertler, C.R.W. Nevinson, Edward Wadsworth, Stanley Spencer and Adrian Allinson
Paul Nash (artist): surrealist painter and war artist, as well as a photographer, writer and designer of applied art. Nash was among the most important landscape artists of the
Christopher Perkins (artist): School of Fine Art, where his fellow students included Dora Carrington, Mark Gertler, Stanley Spencer and C. R. W. Nevinson. By 1914 he launched his professional
English art: (1891–1959), Mark Gertler (1891–1939), and Roger Hilton (1911–1975). Modernism's most controversial English talent was writer and painter Wyndham Lewis
Christopher R. W. Nevinson: and Mark Gertler. When he left the Slade, Nevinson befriended Marinetti, the leader of the Italian Futurists, and the radical writer and artist Wyndham
Jean Bellette: Thea Proctor. In London she studied under painters Bernard Meninsky and Mark Gertler. A modernist painter, Bellette was influential in mid-twentieth
Ben Nicholson: an artist in London at the Slade School of Fine Art between 1910 and 1911, where he was a contemporary of Paul Nash, Stanley Spencer, Mark Gertler, and
John Passmore (artist): taught by figurative painters Bernard Meninsky and Mark Gertler. For many years Passmore lived in England, working as a layout artist with Lintas both before
Slade School of Fine Art: Five Young British Artists and the Great War (Old Street Publishing, 2009) – included the students Dora Carrington, Mark Gertler, Paul Nash, C.R.W. Nevinson
Margaret Geddes (artist): School of Art in London, where she was taught by both Walter Bayes and Mark Gertler, from 1930 to 1936. Geddes began exhibiting in group shows while still
Chelsea College of Arts: country, producing many notable artists such as Ossip Zadkine, Mark Gertler and Paul Nash. Lawrence Gowing, painter and art historian, was appointed
David Bomberg: studied at the Slade School of Art under Henry Tonks, and which included Mark Gertler, Stanley Spencer, C.R.W. Nevinson, and Dora Carrington. Bomberg painted
Henry Tonks: and painter of figure subjects, chiefly interiors, and a caricaturist. He became an influential art teacher. He was one of the first British artists to
William Rothenstein: Joseph Conrad and the artist Augustus John. Amongst the young artists to visit Rothenstein in Hampstead were Wyndham Lewis, Mark Gertler and Paul Nash. During
1916 in art: on the lives of those in his artistic circle of friends with a young Mark Gertler as the central figure, together with Dora Carrington, Christopher R.
Tate Britain: Gainsborough: Giovanna Baccelli Mark Gertler: Merry-Go-Round Joseph Highmore: Pamela is Married William Hogarth: The Painter and his Pug William Holman Hunt:
Edward Wadsworth: contemporaries at the school included Stanley Spencer, CRW Nevinson, Mark Gertler, Dora Carrington and David Bomberg. Wadsworth's work was included in
Jean Appleton: the painters Bernard Meninsky and Mark Gertler. Appleton completed Australia's two earliest cubist paintings in London, Still Life 1937 and Painting IX
Dorothy Brett: led Virginia Woolf to call them 'cropheads'. Through fellow student Mark Gertler, she met Lady Ottoline Morrell and began mixing in an artistic and literary
Mary Hutchinson (writer): attracted a group of writers and painters to her house, where she and her husband entertained, among others, Mark Gertler, Edward Kauffer, T. S. Eliot, Aldous
Horace Brodzky: his early career of many leading artists working in Britain of his period, including Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Mark Gertler, and members of the Vorticism movement
Annie Carline: included. among others Henry Lamb, Stanley Spencer, Mark Gertler and John Nash. An annual family painting holiday became a regular feature and it was on one
1914 in art: Newspaper Carl Eytel - Desert near Palm Springs Pavel Filonov – Holy Family Mark Gertler – The Creation of Eve Albert Gleizes – Woman with animals (Madame Raymond
World War I in popular culture: the war in the history of painting.' Pacifist artists also responded to the war in powerful ways: Mark Gertler's major painting, Merry-Go-Round, was created
Maxwell Gordon Lightfoot: Nevinson, Mark Gertler, Edward Wadsworth and Stanley Spencer, he won several prizes, including first prize in both figure and head painting, painting from
Frederick Gore: Westminster School of Art with Mark Gertler and Polunin from whom he learnt the flat-on-the-floor method of painting backdrops for the theatre: most
1918 in art: – Eternal Youth (gilded sculpture on Manitoba Legislative Building) Mark Gertler – The Pool at Garsington J. W. Godward A Fond Farewell Sweet Sounds Duncan
Stanley Spencer: December 1959) was an English painter. Shortly after leaving the Slade School of Art, Spencer became well known for his paintings depicting Biblical scenes
William Roberts (painter): included a number of brilliant young students, among them Dora Carrington, Mark Gertler, Paul Nash, Christopher Nevinson, Stanley Spencer, David Bomberg and
Daphne Fedarb: School of Art where she was taught by both Mark Gertler and Bernard Meninsky. In 1932 she married the artist Ernest Fedarb and in 1935 they held their
Tate: Art Fund was established in 2003, by Tate patrons Yana Peel and Candida Gertler. In collaboration with the Frieze Art Fair, the fund buys works from the
R. A. Bevan: well-known family of painters and he preferred to live like an aristocrat." this should be read in conjunction with that of the artist John Nash, who had
1891 in art: German painter and graphic artist (died 1969) December 9 – Mark Gertler, British painter (died 1939) January 27 – Jervis McEntee, American painter of the
Hilda Carline: Carline (1889–1950) was a British painter, daughter of the artist George Francis Carline, and first wife of the artist Stanley Spencer. She studied art
D. H. Lawrence: Jewish artist Mark Gertler, with whom he became good friends for a time; Lawrence would later express his admiration for Gertler's 1916 anti-war painting, Merry-Go-Round
Valentine Dobrée: Valentine Dobrée (1894–1974) was a visual artist (oil painting and collage), novelist and poet. Gladys May Mabel Brooke-Pechell was born in Cannanore,
Dorothy A. Cadman: included Mark Gertler and Maxwell Gordon Lightfoot. Between 1914-1916 Dorothy exhibited six paintings at the London Salon of the Allied Artists' Association
Piano Nobile: Sickert’s painting The Studio: The Painting of a Nude, loaned by Piano Nobile. In 2018, a BP Spotlight display at Tate Britain about Mark Gertler included
1939 in art: 1870) June 23 – Mark Gertler, English painter (b. 1891) (suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning) July 4 – Louis Wain, English artist (b. 1860) July 21
Leicester Galleries: French painters, including John Lavery, Robert Medley, Mark Gertler and Henry Moore. Works exhibited included drawings, watercolours, paintings, prints
Mary Audsley: of Art between 1934 and 1938, where she was taught by Eric Schilsky, Mark Gertler and Bernard Meninsky. Soon after she graduated, Audsley began exhibiting
Isaac Rosenberg: at Slade School, Rosenberg notably studied alongside David Bomberg, Mark Gertler, Stanley Spencer, Paul Nash, Edward Wadsworth, Dora Carrington, William
List of people buried at Willesden Jewish Cemetery: book}}: CS1 maint: uses authors parameter (link) MacDougall, Sarah (2002). Mark Gertler. London: John Murray. ISBN 0-7195-5799-2. pp. 106, 140 and 155. Cemel
Donald Friend: and later in London (1936–1937) at the Westminster School of Art with Mark Gertler and Bernard Meninsky. During World War II he served as a gunner with
Nancy Carline: Other artists who were regularly at the Carline family home in Hampstead included Henry Lamb, Paul Nash, John Nash, Gilbert Spencer and Mark Gertler. Nancy
David Breuer-Weil: (also featured Frank Auerbach, David Bomberg, Antony Caro, Lucien Freud, Mark Gertler, Jacob Kramer, Leon Kossoff, and others.) 2001 'Mary R' – Bourne Fine
Richard Carline: circle that included Henry Lamb, Stanley Spencer, Mark Gertler and John Nash. Carline's 1925 painting Gathering on the Terrace at 47 Downshire Hill, Hampstead
B. C. Binning: year's leave of his teaching duties to study in London, England under Mark Gertler, Bernard Meninsky and, most significantly, Henry Moore. Upon his return
List of vegetable oils: Powell, William F. (1990). Oil Painting Materials. Walter Foster. p. 43. ISBN 978-1-56010-056-0. Gottsegen, Mark (2006). Painter's Handbook. p. 77. ISBN 978-0-8230-3496-3
Jane Drew: FIStructE, FiEI) was Chairman of Ove Arup Partnership Luke Gertler, son of the artist Mark Gertler, stayed at the flat in Gloucester Place when he was a child
John Maynard Keynes: among the members were for a time common", wrote Bertrand Russell. The artist Duncan Grant, whom he met in 1908, was one of Keynes's great loves. Keynes
List of Brown University alumni: curator of European paintings Metropolitan Museum of Art Candice Lin (A.B 2001) – artist Sarah Morris (A.B. 1988) – contemporary painter and filmmaker Elizabeth
Eric Westbrook: love of art and of galleries. He was taught by Walter Sickert and Mark Gertler in painting courses at art schools including Battersea, Clapham and Westminster
University of Toronto: includes glassware and stone reliefs from the Greco-Roman period, and the painting Adam and Eve by Lucas Cranach the Elder, dated from 1538. The University
Arts in Seattle: Seattle for her paintings of natives from the Solomon Islands. Seattle first began to be a visual arts center in the 1920s. Australian painter Ambrose Patterson
Stalybridge: centuries is represented by artists such as John Linnell, Richard Parkes Bonington, George Price Boyce, Burne-Jones, Mark Gertler and Duncan Grant. Aske Hall
The Minories, Colchester: while he learned his trade as a landscape painter and went on to become one of East Anglia's best known artists. In 1915 Geoffrey Crawford Bensusan-Butt

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