List of major paintings by Masaccio

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Renaissance: classicism had been exemplified in the sculpture of Nicola Pisano, Florentine painters led by Masaccio strove to portray the human form realistically,
Italian art: They included the painter Masaccio, the sculptor Donatello, and the architect Filippo Brunelleschi. Masaccio's finest work was a series of frescoes he painted
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Andrea di Giusto: Masaccio, and Fra Angelico, and tended to mix and match the motifs and techniques of these artists in his own work. Andrea was an eclectic painter and
Life of Christ in art: of the lives of saints Peter and Paul, with some scenes from the Life of Christ (see also the Brancacci Chapel by Masaccio) Chronology of Jesus Gospel
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Culture of Italy: Settignano, and Andrea del Verrocchio; and the painters Fra Angelico, Stefano di Giovanni, Paolo Uccello, Masaccio, Frà Filippo Lippi, Piero della Francesca
List of artists in the Philadelphia Museum of Art handbook of the collections: Photographs : page 235 Masaccio (1401–1428), European Painting and Sculpture : page 163 Masolino da Panicale (1383–1447), European Painting and Sculpture : page
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