Karim Shah Khan

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Karim Shah Khan: Karim Shah Khan (1919 - late 1980s) was an Afghan painter. He was born in Kabul and was a graduate of the A'dadieh School. Among his works are Sketches
Zand dynasty: Selseleye Zandiye; listen (help·info)) was an Iranian dynasty, founded by Karim Khan Zand (r. 1751–1779) that initially ruled southern and central Iran in
Fath-Ali Shah Qajar: ruler Karim Khan Zand (r. 1751–1779) in Shiraz. There Baba Khan joined his uncle Agha Mohammad Khan, who was also a hostage at the court. Baba Khan later
Mohammad Shah Qajar: April 1873); mother of Naser al-Din Shah and Malek Zadeh Khanum. Bolour Khanum Zandieh, the granddaughter of Karim Khan Zand. Mother of two daughters. Khadija
Shah Abdol-Azim Shrine: minister (1834–35) Mohammad-Sharif Khan Mafi (fa) (d. 1847) – politician Qaani Shirazi (1808–1854) – poet Saadat-Ali Shah (fa) (d. 1876) – leader of Nematullahi
List of paintings and plots by Pascal Coste and Eugène Flandin: of paintings and plots by Eugène Flandin and Pascal Coste, French painter and architects in 1840. This collection contains 200 images, 130 paintings from
Golestan Palace: coronation of Reza Shah of the Pahlavi dynasty, in 1925. Dating back to 1759, this building was a part of the interior residence of Karim Khan of the Zand dynasty
Bulleh Shah: the two series of paintings (Jogia Dhoop and Shah Shabad) by an Indian painter Geeta Vadhera inspired by the poetry of Bulleh Shah and other Sufi poets
Abdur Rahman Chughtai: a painter artist and intellectual from Pakistan, who created his own unique, distinctive painting style influenced by Mughal art, miniature painting, Art
Abolhassan Sadighi: Bayat, Kashefossaltaneh (which is in Lahijan), Karim Sa'I, Imam-Quli Khan (governor of Fars at the time of Shah Abbas the Safavid) in the central square of
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Safavid Iran: sought refuge with the rival of Kara Koyunlu Jahan Shah, the Aq Qoyunlu (White Sheep Turkomans) Khan Uzun Hassan, and cemented his relationship by marrying
Akbar Khurasani: States. He is considered one of the painters of the second golden age of Realism in Afghanistan, along with Karim Shah Khan, Abdul Ghafoor Breshna, Ghulam
Nasrollah Sarvari: born in Herat and began painting at the age of nine. He was a student of artists such as Khair Mohammad Khan Yari, Karim Shah Khan, Golmohammad Honarjoo
Mohiuddin Shabnam: prominent Afghan painter. He is considered one of the painters of the second golden age of Realism in Afghanistan, along with Karim Shah Khan, Abdul Ghafoor
Hafiz Pakzad: prominent Afghan painter. He is considered one of the painters of the second golden age of Realism in Afghanistan, along with Karim Shah Khan, Abdul Ghafoor
Sabri Brothers: 1983, they recorded the album Nazre Shah Karim to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of His Highness Prince Aga Khan, sponsored by Tajico Group. The proceeds
Zainul Abedin: Bangladeshi painter born in Kishoregonj, East Bengal, British India (now Bangladesh). He became well known in 1944 through his series of paintings depicting
Mohammad Maimangi: painters of the second golden age of Realism in Afghanistan, along with Karim Shah Khan, Abdul Ghafoor Breshna, Ghulam Mohieddin Shabnam, Hafiz Pakzad and
Bangladesh: Shahidul Zahir, Rashid Karim, Mahmudul Haque, Syed Waliullah, Shahidullah Kaiser, Shawkat Osman, Selina Hossain, Shahed Ali, Razia Khan, Anisul Hoque, and
Abida Parveen: time-consuming to spread the Divine Message. She even got offers from Shah Rukh Khan for Ra.One and music director A.R.Rehman has offered her some songs
Ālī Qāpū: 1597 C.E. Ali Qapu is rich in naturalistic wall paintings by Reza Abbasi, the court painter of Shah Abbas I, and his pupils. There are floral, animal
Salima Hashmi: receives painting from renowned artist Salima Hashmi (Profile of Salima Hashmi)". The Peace Museum.Org. 27 June 2011. Retrieved 16 December 2018. Khan, Rina
Sadequain: all who can paint cannot be classified as painters. Sadequain mastered the two domains of writing and painting, and bridged them in a seamless manner of
Sohrab Sepehri: values. He also achieved a new technique in painting which is called Texture and was unknown to other painters for a long time. He used to create most of
M. F. Husain: possible reason for his pattern of paintings depicting a maternal Indian figure. Husain became the best-paid painter in India, his highest-selling piece
Iran: Lezgins. The assassination of Nader Shah sparked a brief period of civil war and turmoil, after which Karim Khan of the Zand dynasty came to power in
Aminollah Rezaei: - 2004 in Tehran) was an Iranian painter, designer and poet. He was the first person to introduce Surrealist painting to Iran. For this reason, he has
Quamrul Hassan: mother. The paintings of the stage were made simply from the painters memories of his lost mother but in an abstracted form. Like the painting three women
List of victims of the September 11 attacks: Reuters Robert Arthur Campbell 25 WTC New York New York United States painter Fine Painting and Decorating Sandra Patricia Campbell 45 WTC New York New York
Persian carpet: possibly driven by the Mongol invasion. Karim Khan Zand appointed the chief of the Chahilu clan as the first Il-Khan of the Qashqai. The most important subtribes
Shakir Ali (artist): belongings of Shakir Ali and his paintings and drawings are also showcased in a gallery there. 100th birthday: Painter Shakir Ali remembered – The Express
Arak, Iran: region had operated autonomously from the Qajar rule. With the Shah's approval, Yusef Khan diverted the main river to drive out the hostiles and build the
Amrita Pritam: remembered for her poignant poem, Ajj aakhaan Waris Shah nu (Today I invoke Waris Shah – "Ode to Waris Shah"), an elegy to the 18th-century Punjabi poet, an
Tyeb Mehta: Mehta painting fetches $1.54 million". Rediff.com. 22 September 2005. Retrieved 17 June 2006. Cotter, Holland (4 July 2009). "Tyeb Mehta, Painter of Emerging
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S. H. Raza: Sayed Haider Raza (22 February 1922 – 23 July 2016) was an Indian painter who lived and worked in France from 1950 until his death, while maintaining
Saeed Akhtar: Akhtar was born in Ghakhar, Punjab, British India in 1938. His father Fazal Karim was an Education instructor for the British Indian Army and provided his
Aydin Aghdashloo: seeing Aydin's talent in painting at school and his hand-made models, Mohammad-Beik took him to Habib Mohammadi, a painter and a teacher from Rasht.
K. G. Subramanyan: scholar in 1956. While having already gone back to Baroda as a professor in painting and continuing there, he did a short stint in New York as a Rockefeller
Anna Molka Ahmed: Sheikh Ahmed in October 1939, who was then studying in London. She studied painting, sculpture and design at St. Martin School of Arts in London, and received
Bengal Presidency: cabinet included Nawab Bahabur Khwaja Habibullah, Khan Bahadur Abdul Karim, Khan Bahadur Hashem Ali Khan, Shamsuddin Ahmed, Syama Prasad Mukherjee, Santosh
Allah Bakhsh (painter): Allah Bukhsh) was a Pakistani painter and calligrapher who was actively involved in aesthetics and classical landscape paintings throughout his life. He produced
Sufism: inaugurating the exhibition of Farkhananda Khan said, "There is no barrier of words or explanation about the paintings or rather there is a soothing message
1380s: second time. Khan Tokhtamysh of the White Horde dethrones Khan Mamai of the Blue Horde. The two hordes unite to form the Golden Horde. Karim Al-Makhdum
History of Islam: New Series 50 (1): 3. Iraq a Complicated State: Iraq's Freedom War by Karim M. S. Al-Zubaidi p. 32 Wilferd Madelung (1998). The Succession to Muhammad:
Satyajit Ray: with Indian classical musicians, including Ravi Shankar, Vilayat Khan, and Ali Akbar Khan. He found that their first loyalty was to musical traditions, and
A. Ramachandran: Achutan Ramachandran Nair, popularly known as A. Ramachandran, is an Indian painter, born in 1935 in Attingal, Kerala. In 2002, he was elected a Fellow of
List of films based on actual events (2000–present): between Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and her Muslim servant Abdul Karim War Machine (2017) – satirical war film depicting a fictionalized version
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Zubeida Agha: colour. Zubeida Agha was one of the great colourist painters in the history of Pakistani painting. She uses colour not only for itself, but to lend truthfulness
Laila Shahzada: Laila Shahzada (1926 – 20 July 1994) was a Pakistani abstract painter who lived and worked in Karachi, Pakistan. Laila Shahzada was born in Littlehampton
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Farouk of Egypt: Farouk was approached by the Iranian ambassador with a message from Reza Khan, the Shah of Iran, asking that his sister be married to Mohammad Reza, the Crown
Gulistan (book): Ātish Kadah". 1880. Shah, Idries (1977) [1964]. The Sufis. London, UK: Octagon Press. p. 101. ISBN 0-86304-020-9. The original painting (12.9 x 6.7 cm) is
Bashir Mirza: Bashir Mirza (1941 – 19 January 2000), also known as BM, was a Pakistani painter artist. Born in Amritsar, British India in 1941, Mirza joined the Mayo
Amarnath Sehgal: February 1922 – 28 December 2007) was a noted Indian modernist sculptor, painter, poet and art educator. He started his career as an engineer in Lahore
January 5: from the original on 3 June 2019. Retrieved 22 September 2019. Obaidul Karim Khan (26 December 2018). "Deepika Padukone's Denmark connection". Bollywood
Jamil Naqsh: (Urdu: جمِیل نقش), (25 December 1939 – 16 May 2019) was a British Pakistani painter who lived a reclusive life in London from 2012 until his death. He briefly
1970s in Bangladesh: decade the death of master painter Zainul Abedin (1976) made the nation grieve. Bangladeshi Architect Fazlur Rahman Khan also was performing at his peak
Abdul Rahim Nagori: Prof. Abdul Rahim Nagori (1939 – 14 January 2011) was a Pakistani painter known for his socio-political themes. He has held one-man exhibitions since
1760s: July 21 – Having eliminated all of his rivals for leadership of Persia, Karim Khan Zand returns in triumph to his home in Shiraz and makes it his capital
Ahmed Saeed Nagi: of his paintings in Paris, London, Zagreb, New York, Delhi, Simla, Lahore and Karachi. Ahmed Saeed Nagi died on 1 September 2006 at the Agha Khan Hospital
Abbas Kiarostami: Fine Arts. He majored in painting and graphic design and supported his studies by working as a traffic policeman. As a painter, designer, and illustrator
Rauf Khalid: tribute to him which was attended by Minister for Communications Arbab Alamgir Khan, senators Saeeda Iqbal and Saifullah Bangash. List of Pakistani actors News
Ahmed Parvez: Pakistan. He is undoubtedly our most exhibited Pakistani painter abroad." Declaring his paintings to be "art of the highest standard", George Butcher wrote
Colin David: 1937 – 25 February 2008) (کولن ڈیوڈ) was one of Pakistan's most popular painter-artists of the 1970s. He was mostly famous for his figurative nudes. Colin
Iraqi art: miniature painting. In the 20th century, an art revival, which combined both tradition and modern techniques, produced many notable poets, painters and sculptors
Mario Miranda: known as Mario Miranda or Mario de Miranda, was an Indian cartoonist and painter based in Loutolim in the Indian state of Goa. Miranda had been a regular
1500s (decade): German archbishop and elector (b. 1442) date unknown Abdal-Karim Khan Astrakhani, Khan of Astrakhan Abu Abdallah IV, Sultan of Tlemcen Abu Abd Allah
Rabia Zuberi: referred to in Pakistan as Queen Mother of Arts, was a Pakistani sculptor, painter, former chairperson of the Pakistan Arts Council, teacher and Pakistan's
Kelucharan Mohapatra: dance compositions. He was also skilled in the traditional Pattachitra painting. Kelucharan Mohapatra along with his wife, Laxmipriya Mohapatra, herself
1750s: Islands . November 29 – Karim Khan Zand, the King of Persia (now Iran) recaptures the city of Shiraz from Afghan warlord Azad Khan Afghan, who had taken
Nizami Ganjavi: Persian poems were written and decorated with paintings from Iran or Persia such as the Fateh Ali Shah, Shah Qajar and poems of Hafez, Khayyam and Nezami
2000s in Bangladesh: playwrights Selim Al Deen and Abdullah al Mamun (2008) and baul musician Shah Abdul Karim (2009). Photographers like Anwar Hossain, Hasan Saifuddin Chandan and
Dushanbe: Omar Khayyam Statue of Lenin Statue of Avicenna Painting in Dushanbe took off when Russian painters moved to this city in the 20s and 30s. By the 50s
Mian Ijaz ul Hassan: Profile and paintings of Mian Ijaz ul Hassan on paintersofpakistan.wordpress.com website, Retrieved 31 August 2017 Profile and interview of painter Ijaz ul
List of Brown University alumni: minister with U.S. sympathies Prince Rahim Aga Khan (A.B. 1995) – eldest son of Prince Karim Aga Khan IV Prince Alexander-Georg von Auersperg (1983) –
1914: William Phillips, New Zealand economist (d. 1974) November 21 – Abd al-Karim Qasim, Iraqi general, 24th Prime Minister of Iraq (d. 1963) November 25
Kapila Vatsyayan: Publications. ISBN 978-81-7017-362-5. Kapila Vatsyayan (2004). Dance in Indian Painting. Abhinav Publications. ISBN 978-81-7017-153-9. Kapila Vatsyayan (2006)

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