G. P. Nerli

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G. P. Nerli: Girolamo Pieri Pecci Ballati Nerli (21 February 1860 – 24 June 1926), was an Italian painter who worked and travelled in Australia and New Zealand in
James Nairn: Zealand painter who (along with G. P. Nerli) strongly influenced New Zealand painting in the late 19th century. He believed in en plein air or painting outdoors
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Arthur Streeton: plein airist, having been influenced by the painterly techniques of expatriate impressionist Girolamo Nerli. Conder and Roberts joined Streeton at Eaglemont
Charles Conder: In Sydney and later Melbourne Conder associated with G. P. Nerli, an itinerant Italian painter and the bearer of new European influences who has been
W. M. Hodgkins: G. P. Nerli, Petrus Van der Velden and J. M. Nairn. Hodgkins embraced the newcomers and with Nerli in Dunedin the resulting twin circles of painters made
Grace Joel: Society and the Easel Club, where she associated with Italian artist G. P. Nerli (among others). She distinguished herself in the local art scene by focusing
Heidelberg School: young painter who had already gone on plein air excursions outside Sydney and picked up some impressionist techniques from expatriate artist G. P. Nerli. In
Nellie Hutton: style was regarded as being more related to the style of Italian painter G. P. Nerli, who visited the school, than that of her father. Misses L. & A.
Filippino Lippi: trunks. The work is dated to 1485–1487. Later, he worked for Tanai de' Nerli in Florence's Santo Spirito church. On 21 April, 1487, Filippo Strozzi asked
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Charles Douglas Richardson: July 1853 – 15 October 1932) was a British-born Australian sculpture and painter. Trained at the Artisans School of Design, Trades Hall, Melbourne and later

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