Etel Adnan

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Etel Adnan: Etel Adnan (Arabic: إيتيل عدنان; 24 February 1925 – 14 November 2021) was a Lebanese-American poet, essayist, and visual artist. In 2003, Adnan was named
Simone Fattal: with ceramic artist Hans Spinner. She lived with poet and artist Etel Adnan, until Adnan's death in November 2021. The couple left Lebanon for Sausalito
Wassily Kandinsky: series of solo exhibitions featuring the work of contemporary artists Etel Adnan, Jennie C. Jones, and Cecilia Vicuña. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Hurufiyya movement: Artists that belong to this school include: Lebanese painter and poet, Etel Adnan; Egyptian painter, Ramzi Moustafa (b. 1926) and the Iraqi artist and intellectual
Umi Dachlan: the Lebanese writer and abstract painter Etel Adnan. Like Umi Dachlan, Etel Adnan created paintings and tapestries showing landscapes, that receive
2021 in art: American painter November 2 - Bettina Grossman, 94, American artist November 12 - Dave Hickey, 82, American art critic November 14 - Etel Adnan, 96, American
List of 20th-century women artists: (1924–2014), painter Etel Adnan (1925–2021), painter, poet Ruthadell Anderson (1922–2018), textile and fiber artist Ida Applebroog (born 1929), painter Diane
Jordan Nassar: and issues beyond the medium itself. Nassar particularly looks up to Etel Adnan, a Lebanese-American poet, essayist, and visual artist. Since Nassar's
Vivian Springford: the five "Season Openers" by Whitewall Magazine along with "New Work: Etel Adnan" at SFMOMA and "Sarah Lucas: Au Naturel" at the New Museum. In June 2021
Mount Tamalpais: subject in California landscape painting. Painters who have made Tamalpais the subject of one or more paintings include Etel Adnan, Harry Cassie Best, Albert
Calligraffiti: such as the Lebanese painter and poet, Etel Adnan (b. 1925); the Egyptian painter, Ramzi Moustafa (b. 1926) and the Iraqi painter-sculptor and philosopher
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Timeline of art: Reyntiens, Iran Darroudi, Raoul Middleman, Bettina Grossman, Dave Hickey, Etel Adnan, Jimmie Durham, Mick Rock, Carlo Maria Mariani, Rita Letendre, Robert
Deaths in November 2021: Catholic prelate, bishop of Maitland-Newcastle (2011–2021), lung cancer. Etel Adnan, 96, Lebanese-American poet, novelist (Sitt Marie Rose), and visual artist

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