Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Gabriel Charles Dante Rossetti (12 May 1828 – 9 April 1882), generally known as Dante Gabriel Rossetti (/rəˈzɛti/), was an English poet, illustrator, painter
Christina Rossetti: a sister of the artist and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti and features in several of his paintings. Christina Rossetti was born in Charlotte Street (now
Dante's Dream: Dante Gabriel Rossetti. It hangs in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, Merseyside, England. Rossetti had a lifelong interest in the Italian poet Dante Alighieri
The Blessed Damozel: Blessed Damozel" is perhaps the best known poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, as well as the title of his painting (and its replica) illustrating the subject. The
Monna Vanna (painting): Monna Vanna is an 1866 oil on canvas painting (88.9 × 86.4 cm) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. It was acquired by the collector William Henry Blackmore and
Venus Verticordia (painting): Venus Verticordia (1864-1868) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti is a semi-nude depiction of the goddess Venus, portrayed as a young woman with a golden halo and
Bocca Baciata: Bocca Baciata (1859) is a painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti which represents a turning point in his career. It was the first of his pictures of single
Elizabeth Siddal: Everett Millais (including his notable 1852 painting Ophelia), and especially by her husband, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Elizabeth Eleanor Siddall, named after
Lady Lilith: Lady Lilith is an oil painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti first painted in 1866–1868 using his mistress Fanny Cornforth as the model, then altered in 1872–73
William Michael Rossetti: scholar Gabriele Rossetti and his wife Frances Rossetti née Polidori; he was the brother of Maria Francesca Rossetti, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Christina
The Girlhood of Mary Virgin: Mary Virgin is an 1849 oil on canvas painting by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, measuring 83.2 by 65.4 cm and now in
Rossetti: Georgina, William Michael, and Maria Francesca Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828–1882), English poet, illustrator, painter and translator, founder member of the Pre-Raphaelite
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood: English painters, poets, and art critics, founded in 1848 by William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Michael Rossetti, James
La Ghirlandata: Ghirlandata ("The Garlanded Woman") is an 1873 painting by English painter and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti. It is currently in the collection of the Guildhall
Dante's Inferno (1967 film): Dante's Inferno: The Private Life of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Poet and Painter (1967) is a feature-length 35mm film directed by Ken Russell and first screened
Fanny Cornforth: the Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Cornforth performed the duties of housekeeper for Rossetti. In Rossetti's paintings, the figures modeled
Oxford Union murals: of Pre-Raphaelite artists including Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones. The paintings depict scenes from Arthurian myth. The
Fanny Eaton: Solomon's painting The Mother of Moses, which was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1860. She was also featured in works by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett
Marie Spartali Stillman: favorite model, she soon trained and became a respected painter, earning praise from Dante Gabriel Rossetti and others. Marie Spartali was the eldest child of
Lucy Madox Brown: from 1869 to 1872. Her painting, The Duet, which was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1870, was described by Dante Gabriel Rossetti as a "perfect picture"
Victorian painting: Verticordia". The Rossetti Archive. Retrieved 27 February 2015. Bills 2001, p. 40. Bills 2001, p. 41. "Sotheby's to sell Dante Gabriel Rossetti's watercolour
John William Waterhouse: Waterhouse paintings, it deals with a woman dying in or near water. He may also have been inspired by paintings of Ophelia by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John
The Lady of Shalott (painting): with many of the Pre-Raphaelite poets and painters and was illustrated by such artists as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Maw Egley, and William Holman Hunt
La Damoiselle élue: (1850) by Pre-Raphaelite poet and painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Debussy had probably not seen Rossetti's painting of the same title, but other pre-Raphaelite
The Scapegoat (painting): — William Holman Hunt, loc cit. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, in a letter to William Allingham in 1856, called the painting "a grand thing, but not for the
John Martin (painter): pictures of the English painter Martin." Martin's work influenced the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood – especially Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and several generations
Edward Burne-Jones: Cheddleton Staffordshire. Burne-Jones's early paintings show the inspiration of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, but by the 1860s Burne-Jones was discovering his
Rossetti and His Circle: drawings were Beerbohm's humorous imaginings concerning the life of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his fellow Pre-Raphaelites, the period, as he put it, "just
Pandora (painting): since Antiquity, was illustrated by the also Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti in his work Pandora. Gallardo López, María Dolores (1995). Manual
Desperate Romantics: Hunt Dante's Dream at the Time of the Death of Beatrice (1871) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti Study of a Female Nude (1878?) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti The Lady
Aestheticism: radical group of artists and designers, including William Morris and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. It flourished in the 1870s and 1880s, gaining prominence and the
John Collier (painter): 1934) was a British painter and writer. He painted in the Pre-Raphaelite style, and was one of the most prominent portrait painters of his generation.
Ford Madox Brown: however, greatly admired by the young Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who asked him to become his tutor. Through Rossetti, Brown came into contact with the artists
Frederick Sandys: the Romany woman Keomi Gray, who sat as a model both for him and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and perhaps also for Simeon Solomon. He and Gray had two daughters
Highgate Cemetery: miniature painter Christina Rossetti, poet Gabriele Rossetti, Italian nationalist and scholar. Father of Christina and Dante Gabriel Rossetti William Michael
Notebook of William Blake: William Blake (also known as the Rossetti Manuscript from its association with its former owner Dante Gabriel Rossetti) was used by William Blake as a
List of British painters: Wharlton Bunney (1828–1882) George Bernard O'Neill (1828–1917) Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828–1882) Anna Blunden (1829–1915) John Bagnold Burgess (1829–1897)
List of most expensive paintings: Chinese-French painter Zao Wouki's oil painting Juin-Octobre 1985, which was sold for $65 million in 2018. Not listed here in this list is Chinese painter Wang
Henry Treffry Dunn: Henry Treffry Dunn (1838–1899) was Dante Gabriel Rossetti's assistant and a painter in his own right. Dunn's memoirs are a valuable source for the lives
Divine Comedy in popular culture: Virgil In Hell in 1850. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, a Pre-Raphaelite, made several paintings of the Divine Comedy, including Dante's Vision of Rachel and Leah
The Annunciation (Tanner): subject treatment differs greatly from other paintings of the Annunciation, such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Ecce Ancilla Domini (1850), which a contemporary
William Bell Scott: in the circle of the Pre-Raphaelites; he was especially close to Dante Gabriel Rossetti. After growing up in Edinburgh, he moved to London, and from 1843
Artistic Dress movement: categories such as Aesthetic Dress and Künstlerkleid on the continent. Dante Gabriel Rossetti and other members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood were conscious
Our English Coasts: Holman Hunt was a British painter, who co-founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (1848), along with Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Everett Millais. The
Frank Stone (painter): having already criticised their work in the previous year. When Dante Gabriel Rossetti wrote a very critical review of Stone's work in return, Stone launched
Fallen woman: notable place in art and in literature. In some cases, such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Blake, the artist/author has produced companion pieces
Tate Britain: Castle, Sunrise, 1845 Sir John Everett Millais, Ophelia, 1851–52 Dante Gabriel Rossetti, The Beloved, 1865–66 James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Nocturne: Blue
James Smetham: 1889) was an English Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood painter and engraver, a follower of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Smetham was born in Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire
List of paintings by Johannes Vermeer: following is a list of paintings by the Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675). After two or three early history paintings, he concentrated almost
List of Pre-Raphaelite paintings: Britain, London Our English Coasts (1852), Tate Britain, London Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1853), Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery The Light of the World
Henry Holiday: Albert Moore and Simeon Solomon he was introduced to the artists Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
William Morris: friendships with Pre-Raphaelite artists Edward Burne-Jones and Dante Gabriel Rossetti and with Neo-Gothic architect Philip Webb. Webb and Morris designed
List of artists in the Web Gallery of Art (A–K): artists with oil paintings in the database are listed alphabetically here. The painter's name is followed by a title of one of their paintings and its location
Art of the United Kingdom: British-based American painter James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Aubrey Beardsley, and the former Pre-Raphaelites Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and Edward Burne-Jones
English poetry: sloppy Mannerist painting of the day. Although primarily concerned with the visual arts, a member of the inner circle, Dante Gabriel Rossetti was a poet of
Symbolism (arts): French writer (Madame Bovary) Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828–1882) English poet and painter (Beata Beatrix) Christina Rossetti (1830–1894) English poet French
James Collinson: Royal Academy Schools, and was a fellow-student of Holman Hunt, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Collinson was a devout Christian who was attracted to the devotional
Frederic Leighton: British painter, draughtsman, and sculptor. His works depicted historical, biblical, and classical subject matter in an academic style. His paintings were
List of paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder: The following is a list of paintings by the Dutch and Flemish Renaissance painter and printmaker Pieter Bruegel the Elder. These Catalog Numbers correspond
Divine Comedy Illustrated by Botticelli: Comedy Illustrated by Botticelli is a manuscript of the Divine Comedy by Dante, illustrated by 92 full-page pictures by Sandro Botticelli that are considered
Charlotte Street: lived at No. 81 from 1786-1804. The family home of Christina Rossetti and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, were at
Phoebe Anna Traquair: works by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Traquair shared with her brother this love of art, including a particular fascination with the work of Rossetti and that
Thoughts of the Past: "second-generation" of Pre-Raphaelites, Stanhope was among Dante Gabriel Rossetti's mural-painting party at the Oxford Union in 1857, together with Arthur
Madonna (art): needlework, and examples include The Girlhood of Mary Virgin, by artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti, which is of note that Mary is the obvious central figure. the Annunciation
Garrick Club: visual arts have been represented by painters such as John Everett Millais, Lord Leighton and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. In 1956 the rights to A. A. Milne's
Arthur Hughes (artist): Millais, Holman Hunt, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, although he never became an official member of the Pre-Raphaelite group of painters. His first picture, Musidora
William Holman Hunt: Pre-Raphaelite movement in 1848, after meeting the poet and artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Along with John Everett Millais they sought to revitalise art by
Proserpina: Plutone e Proserpina". Thais.it. Retrieved 2013-03-27. "Proserpine by Dante Gabriel Rossetti". artmagick.com. 2008-07-31. Archived from the original on 2013-05-11
1850 in art: Jean-François Millet – The Sower (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) Dante Gabriel Rossetti – Ecce Ancilla Domini Ludwig von Schwanthaler (posthumous) – Bavaria
Margarita Luti: Raphael and La Fornarina". The Rossetti Archive. Retrieved 1 August 2012. Rossetti, William Michael (1895). Dante Gabriel Rossetti: His Family Letters, A Memoir
William Blake: taken up by Pre-Raphaelites and associated figures, in particular Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Algernon Charles Swinburne. In the 20th century, however, Blake's
Frederic George Stephens: Pardoner's Tale, Dethe and the Riotours (1848–1854), which he gave to Dante Gabriel Rossetti in 1854, is now in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. He communicated
Frederick Richards Leyland: Frederick Dawson Leyland in charge. Leyland's first commissions were to Dante Gabriel Rossetti and James Abbott McNeill Whistler, dating from 1864 and 1867. Leyland
List of paintings by Paul Cézanne: This is an incomplete list of the paintings by the French painter Paul Cézanne. The artistic career of Cézanne spanned more than forty years, from roughly
Emma Sandys: of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and his friend Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Her earliest dated painting is marked 1863, and she exhibited her works in both
Theodor von Holst: Von Holst exhibited 49 paintings at major exhibitions in London and sold portraits to collectors. Also, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, greatly admired Von Holst's
George Frederic Watts: Judgement of Paris Portrait of George Meredith Physical Energy Dante Gabriel Rossetti Henry Thoby Prinsep Self-Portrait, 1864 Sir Leslie Stephen, 1878
William Graham (Glasgow MP): a patron of Pre-Raphaelite artists like Edward Burne-Jones and Dante Gabriel Rossetti and a collector of their works. Graham's father was the founder
Lowes Cato Dickinson: 1908) was an English portrait painter and Christian socialist. He taught drawing with John Ruskin and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. He was a founder of the Working
Pauline, Lady Trevelyan: Barrett Browning, Robert Browning, Christina Rossetti, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Michael Rossetti, Thomas Carlyle, John Everett Millais, and other
List of paintings by Albrecht Dürer: The following is an incomplete list of paintings by the German painter and engraver Albrecht Dürer. Wolf, Norbert. Albrecht Dürer. Prestel, 2010. ISBN 978-3-7913-4426-3
William Davis (artist): in London. Originally painting still lives in 1853 he began producing landscapes. His work was admired by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Ford Madox Brown,
Love and the Maiden: "second-generation" of Pre-Raphaelites, Stanhope was among Dante Gabriel Rossetti's mural-painting party at the Oxford Union in 1857, together with Arthur
Pastoral Concert: Louvre. Dante Gabriel Rossetti wrote a poem titled A Venetian Pastoral, by Giorgione, in the Louvre, which was explicitly written about this painting. His
George Price Boyce: watercolour painter of landscapes and vernacular architecture in the Pre-Raphaelite style. He was a patron and friend of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Boyce was
List of paintings by Hieronymus Bosch: Bosch's drawings, see Hieronymus Bosch drawings. Paintings by Hieronymus Bosch, as well as paintings attributed to him or his school, have been compiled
John Robert Parsons: an Irish photographer and painter. He is best known by the series of photographs he made in 1865 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti's model Jane Morris. Parsons
List of paintings by Gustav Klimt: What follows is an illustrative list of a selection of Gustav Klimt's paintings and represents a chronological look at some of his main pictorial production
Peter Paul Marshall: in Painting, Carving, Furniture and the Metals," along with William Morris, Ford Madox Brown, Edward Burne-Jones, Charles Faulkner, Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Anna Mary Howitt: in 1846, where her contemporaries included William Holman Hunt, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Eliza 'Tottie' Fox and Thomas Woolner. In 1847 she illustrated
Cimabue's Celebrated Madonna: with it—so much so that he made me buy it." The English artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti wrote that the work proved Leighton's "great power of rich arrangement
1870 in art: Abramtsevo Colony and hosts a group of traditionalist artists there. Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Poems are published, exhumed from Elizabeth Siddal's grave. Daoud
Gaetano Meo: collection Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Dante's Dream at the Time of Beatrice's Death (watercolour, 1869-1871), Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK Rossetti painted
National Institution of Fine Arts: in London to provide alternative exhibition space for artists. Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Ford Madox Brown notably exhibited there. The organisation began
Byam Shaw: H. Rider (1903), Pearl-Maiden: A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (1906), The Blessed Damozel The Great Operas: The Ring of the Nibelung
List of haunted paintings: cursed in some way. The painting is a replica of an original painting by the same name by Charles Trevor Garland (1855-1906) Painting is based on a photo
Frederic Shields: and designer closely associated with the Pre-Raphaelites through Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Ford Madox Brown. Frederic James Shields was born in Hartlepool
Bohemian style: of artists and aesthetes of which Dante Gabriel Rossetti was the most prominent: As the 1860s progressed, Rossetti would become the grand prince of bohemianism
Edith Hume: Edith's brother, Henry Treffry Dunn, was a studio assistant to Dante Gabriel Rossetti. "EDITH HUME (Truro circa 1840 – after 1904)". MasterArt. Retrieved
Vanna: the first time since the 20th century. Monna Vanna, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1866) Dante and Beatrice, by Henry Holiday (1883) Monna Vanna, a nude

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