Christian Krohg

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Christian Krohg: Christian Krohg (13 August 1852 – 16 October 1925) was a Norwegian naturalist painter, illustrator, author and journalist. Krohg was inspired by the realism
Oda Krohg: Oda Krohg (born Othilia Pauline Christine Lasson; 11 June 1860 – 19 October 1935) was a Norwegian painter, and the wife of her teacher and colleague Christian
Skagen Painters: later influenced by Christian Krohg who taught her the art of painting people in their everyday lives and making full use of colour. Krohg first came to Skagen
Mural: Haring Jane Kim (artist) Eduardo Kobra Albert Henry Krehbiel Susan Krieg Per Krohg Paul Kuniholm Rainer Maria Latzke Rina Lazo Tom Lea Michelle Loughery Will
United Nations Security Council mural: The United Nations Security Council mural is an oil painting by Norwegian artist Per Krohg exhibited at the United Nations in New York City since August
Albertine i politilægens venteværelse: Albertine i politilægens venteværelse is regarded as Krohg's principal work as a social painter. The painting touched upon the taboo subject of sexual life,
Lucy Krohg: student from the Matisse Academy, the son of Norwegian painter Christian Krohg, Per Krohg. Per Krohg was known not only for his artistic work, but completed
Per Krohg: City. Per Krohg was born in Åsgårdstrand, Norway, the son of painters Christian Krohg and Oda Krohg. The family lived in Paris, where Per Krohg grew up
List of Norwegian artists: (1890–1959), painter, journalist, and parliamentarian Anne Krafft (born 1957), painter and photographer Christian Krohg (1852–1925), naturalist painter, illustrator
Nikolai Astrup: Backer's painting school where he studied until 1901. Astrup lived in Paris where he studied at the Académie Julian and was a student of Christian Krohg at
Norwegian art: Norwegian art scene, together with Christian Krohg and Erik Werenskiold. Christian Krohg, 1852–1925, a realist painter, was also influenced by the Paris
Hip, Hip, Hurrah!: husband, the painter Viggo Johansen, Norwegian painter Christian Krohg, Krøyer, Degn Brøndum (Anna Ancher's brother), Michael Ancher, Swedish painter Oscar Björck
Edvard Munch: teachers were the sculptor Julius Middelthun and the naturalistic painter Christian Krohg. That year, Munch demonstrated his quick absorption of his figure
The Sick Child (Munch): depictions of the disease can be seen in the works of Hans Heyerdahl and Christian Krohg. When the 1885–86 original version was first exhibited at the 1886
Albertine (Krohg novel): Albertine is a novel written in 1886 by Norwegian painter and writer Christian Krohg. The novel is set in Norway's capital, Christiania, and deals with
Jappe Nilssen: married to Christian Krohg. Edvard Munch wrote about this unhappy love affair, and it also provided the background for his 1891 painting Melancholy.
Charles Lundh: Skagen. During his first visit, he lived together with Christian Krohg and the Swedish painters Johan Krouthén and Oscar Björck in the house on Markvej
Martin Aagaard: Harriet Backer and Knud Bergslien, and he apprenticed for a time with Christian Krohg. He spent time researching locations in Lofoten and Finnmark. He exhibited
Sandviksfjorden: the work was not universally acclaimed, and Gude's former student Christian Krohg criticized the piece, pointing out how Gude unrealistically exaggerated
Viggo Johansen: be seen in his painting Christian Bindslev er syg (Christian Bindslev is ill, 1890), which also shows the influence of Christian Krohg, one of the other
Inger on the Beach: artists from nearby Kristiana, now Oslo. Among them were Munch's friends Christian Krohg and Frits Thaulow. The place acquired great importance in the life
Culture of Norway: influenced by the art scene in Paris as was Christian Krohg (1852–1925), a realist painter, known for his paintings of prostitutes. Of particular note is Edvard
Light in painting: In the Scandinavian sphere, it is worth remembering the Norwegian Christian Krohg and the Danish Vilhelm Hammershøi and Jens Ferdinand Willumsen. The
National Gallery (Norway): pieces by sculptor Julius Middelthun, painters Johan Christian Claussen Dahl, Erik Werenskiold and Christian Krohg as well as works by Edvard Munch including
Andreas Edvard Disen: determining what sort of paintings were bought and what was paid for them. The primary complaint, voiced by Christian Krohg, Erik Werenskiold and Frits
Thorvald Hellesen: newly created Oslo National Academy of the Arts, where he studied with Christian Krohg (1910–11). This was followed by a move to Paris in 1912. There, he
Skagen: Drachmanns House was broken into and four paintings were stolen, and then in 1980, a painting by Christian Krohg was stolen from Skagens Museum. Several
Frits Thaulow: Jutland, soon to become famous for its Skagen Painters. He arrived there in 1879 with his friend Christian Krohg, who persuaded him to spend the summer and
Hans Dahl: (19 February 1849 – 27 July 1937) was a Norwegian painter. Hans Dahl was most known for his paintings of Norwegian fjords and surrounding landscapes. Hans
List of artists in the Web Gallery of Art (A–K): (1751–1829), 2 paintings : Portrait of Ferenc Kazinczy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (url) Christian Krohg (1852–1925), 4 paintings : Portrait
Edvard Diriks: in Germany where he became acquainted with Norwegian and German painters Christian Krohg, Hans Gude, Frits Thaulow and Max Klinger. He first studied to
Rolf Groven: by painters such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Käthe Kollwitz, as well as Norwegian artists such as Adolph Tidemand, Hans Gude, J.C. Dahl, Christian Krohg and
Pola Gauguin: Henrik Lund – 1931 Christian Krohg – 1932 Edvard Munch – 1933 My Father Paul Gauguin – 1937 Ludvig Karsten – 1949 Norwegian Painters from J C Dahl to Edvard
Eilif Peterssen: Norwegian artist friends, among them P.S. Krøyer, Michael and Anna Ancher, Christian Krohg and Oscar Bjørck in the summer of 1883. At Skagen, Peterssen painted
Hans Heyerdahl: studio. He started a private painting school together with Christian Krohg and Erik Werenskiold. His summers were spent painting in Åsgårdstrand, where he
Norway: was Christian Krohg, a realist painter, famous for his paintings of prostitutes. Of particular note is Edvard Munch, a symbolist/expressionist painter who
Lul Krag: (1844–1926). Krag first began painting at the age of 20 as a student of Harriet Backer. She studied with Christian Krohg at the Académie Colarossi. In
Hans Gude: Norwegian romanticist painter and is considered along with Johan Christian Dahl to be one of Norway's foremost landscape painters. He has been called a
Marie Tannæs: painter known for her landscape paintings. Tannæs was born 19 March 1854 in Oslo. She studied with Carl Schøyen, Christian Wexelsen, Christian Krohg,
History of prostitution: states between 1910 and 1915 largely due to the influence of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, which was influential in the banning of drug use and
Marie Sandholt: Grøndahl. On one of her study trips to Italy, she met the Norwegian painter Christian Krohg who helped her develop her technique and composition. One of her
Museum Kunst der Westküste: Christian Dahl, Peder Severin Krøyer, Christian Krohg, Max Liebermann, Emil Nolde and Edvard Munch. The collection contains works by Dutch painters such
Signe Scheel: Scheel (1860–1942) was a Norwegian painter. Scheel was born 23 November 1860 in Hamar. She studied with Christian Krohg in Norway, with Karl Gussow in Berlin
Kalle Løchen: Middelthun at The Royal Drawing School. During 1883–1884, he was trained by Christian Krohg and Frits Thaulow at an open air academy in Modum. In 1889, he was
1882 in art: published by the United States Geological Survey) Christian Krohg – Portrait of the Swedish Painter Karl Nordström P. S. Krøyer – Frederikke Tuxen Benjamin
Karl Madsen: had a vitality comparable to those of Michael and Anna Ancher and Christian Krohg, but he lacked the virtuosity and sense of colour enjoyed by Peder
Olaf Willums: National Academy of Fine Arts where he studied under Halfdan Strøm and Christian Krohg from 1912 to 1913 and the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art
Lagertha Munthe: under notable painters such as Christian Krohg, Halfdan Strøm, Oluf Wold-Torne and Henrik Sørensen. Several of her landscape paintings are owned by the
List of Norwegians: diplomat and civil servant Ingrid Aune, Mayor of Malvik (2015–2019) Anton Christian Bang, former Minister of Education and Church Affairs Kjell Magne Bondevik
List of Orientalist artists: (Austrian, 1861–1949) Orientalist photographer and painter Ivan Kramskoi (Russian, 1837–1887) Christian Krohg (Norwegian, 1852–1925) Pavel Kuznetsov (Russian
Lofoten: been associated with Lofoten include Adelsteen Normann, Otto Sinding, Christian Krohg, Theodor Kittelsen and Lev Lagorio. In 2004, Nurse with Wound broadcast
Hip Hip Hurrah! (film): Krøyer Lene Brøndum – Lille Pia Vieth – Marie Krøyer Helge Jordal – Christian Krohg Morten Grunwald – Michael Ancher Ulla Henningsen [da] – Anna Ancher
Marie Henriques: where she studied under the Belgian Alfred Stevens, the Norwegian Christian Krohg and the French artist Othon Friesz. On returning to Copenhagen, she
Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen: (1932–1933). He also spent short periods at the Norwegian Academy under Per Krohg (1933–1934) and at the Danish Academy under Elof Risebye (1942–1943). Havsteen-Mikkelsen's
Max Klinger: as well to complete his studies there. Klinger shared a studio with Christian Krohg and the two had a mutual admiration for French naturalist authors like
Ellen Trotzig: Gotheborg and with Christian Krohg at the Académie Colarossi in Paris. In Paris she joined other Scandinavians including fellow painter Tora Vega Holmström
2016 in art: Garabedian, 92, Armenian American painter February 10 - Douglas Haynes, 80, Canadian painter February 12 – Sossen Krohg, 92, Norwegian actor and theatre
David Wallin: naturalist painter, illustrator, author and journalist Christian Krohg. In 1902 Wallin received the Academy’s Ducal Prize for his oil painting "Kraka" and
Free Exhibitions: 1886 onwards. In 1882 in Norway, artists, including Frits Thaulow and Christian Krohg, established The Autumn Exhibition as an objection to Christiania's
Zum schwarzen Ferkel: of the circle in November; other Norwegians included the painter couple Christian and Oda Krohg, the writer Axel Maurer and the poet Gabriel Finne. A quarrel
Dikken Zwilgmeyer: education. She showed early talent for painting and writing, and took lessons with various painters, including Christian Krohg. Her first published story was
National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design: include J.C Dahl, Adolph Tidemand, Hans Gude, Harriet Backer, and Christian Krohg. The collection from the 20th century shows the evolution within Norwegian
Agnes Mowinckel: Elvestad, Olaf Bull, Nils Kjær and Nils Collett Vogt, and the painters Christian and Oda Krohg. Her first appearance at Nationaltheatret was in 1902, in a
Kistefos Museum and Sculpture Park: collection of paintings (2009). Artists include: Matthias Stoltenberg, Peder Balke, Erik Werenskiold, Harriet Backer, Christian Krohg, Harald Sohlberg
Astri Aasen: she was also taught by the artists Asor Hansen [nb], Viggo Johansen, Christian Krohg, Halfdan Strøm, and Léon Bonnat. Between 6 February and 10 February
Marcus Paus: art rock band White Willow and a descendant of the artists Christian Krohg and Oda Krohg; he and his wife are distantly related as both are descendants
Frederick Delius: "certainly not architectural; nearer to painting, especially to the pointilliste style of design". The painting analogy is echoed by Cardus. Delius's first
Carolina Benedicks-Bruce: as Carl Larsson and his wife Karin Bergöö Larsson, Bruno Liljefors, Christian Krohg and Peder Severin Krøyer. In Grez, the Swedish artists created their
Deaths in February 2016: jumper. Giannis Kalaitzis, 70, Greek cartoonist and caricaturist. Sossen Krohg, 92, Norwegian actress (Hotel Cæsar). Johnny Lattner, 83, American football

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