An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter

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An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter: An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter by César Aira was first published in 2000. Chris Andrews’ English translation was published by New Directions
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The Joy of Painting: 1994. In most episodes, Ross taught techniques for landscape oil painting, completing a painting in each session. Occasionally, episodes featured a guest
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Giovanni Fattori: military subjects. In his middle years, inspired by the Barbizon school, he became one of the leading Italian plein-airists, painting landscapes, rural scenes
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres: From an early age he was determined to be a history painter, which, in the hierarchy of artists established by the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture
Trompe-l'œil: a contest between two renowned painters. Zeuxis (born around 464 BC) produced a still life painting so convincing that birds flew down to peck at the
Sandro Botticelli: an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance. Botticelli's posthumous reputation suffered until the late 19th century, when he was rediscovered by the
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Gerard Byrne (artist, born 1958): March 1958, in Dublin) is an Irish figurative painter. His artwork encompasses various themes from landscapes and architecture painted both in his native
Kyffin Williams: was a Welsh landscape painter who lived at Pwllfanogl, Llanfairpwll, on the Island of Anglesey. Williams is widely regarded as the defining artist of Wales
Walter Inglis Anderson: November 30, 1965) was an American painter and writer. Anderson died from cancer November 30, 1965, at the age of 62. Anderson was born in New Orleans to George
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The Last Judgment (Bosch triptych): another full painting by Bosch, possibly by a painter in his workshop. The left panel shows the Garden of Eden: at the top God is shown seated in Heaven, while
Jan de Beer (painter): as the Master of the Milan Adoration (c. 1475 – 1528) was a Flemish painter, draughtsman and glass designer active in Antwerp at the beginning of the 16th
Antonio Varni: an Italian painter, painting vedute, historical, and genre pieces. Son of a painter, he enrolled in 1853 at the Accademia Ligustica of Fine Arts in Genoa
Mural: in Spanish pintura mural (English: wall painting). In ancient Roman times, a mural crown was given to the fighter who was first to scale the wall of a
Gustave Moreau: a French artist and an important figure in the Symbolist movement. Jean Cassou called him "the Symbolist painter par excellence".: 110 p.  He was an influential
Hendrik Frans Schaefels: June 1904) was a Belgian Romantic painter, draughtsman and engraver known for his seascapes, cityscapes, genre paintings, landscapes with figures and
Richard Dadd: Dadd (1 August 1817 – 7 January 1886) was an English painter of the Victorian era, noted for his depictions of fairies and other supernatural subjects,
Vittore Carpaccio: was an Italian painter of the Venetian school, who studied under Gentile Bellini. He is best known for a cycle of nine paintings, The Legend of Saint
Frank Magleby: University in 1969. Magleby taught Art at Brigham Young University from 1959 to 1994. He was also a painter, and he did many landscape paintings for The Church
Baldassare Verazzi: history (painting a fresco on The life of Leonardo da Vinci) and religion (The Holy Family in Egypt, the 1851 The parable of the Samaritan and the 1854 Raffaello
Jan van der Kooi: studies the sunlight and landscapes of Venice and Tuscany. Since 2007 he gives master classes at the Classical Academy for painters in Groningen, and since
Art in the Protestant Reformation and Counter-Reformation: into secular forms of art like history painting, landscape painting, portrait painting and still life. The Protestant Reformation was a religious movement
Han van Meegeren: painted pictures for the commercial art trade, generally Christmas cards, still-life, landscapes, and portraits. Many of these paintings are quite valuable
Susanna and the Elders (Tintoretto): and the Elders is a painting by the Venetian painter Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti, 1518–1594). Robusti, also known as Tintoretto or Il Furioso, for the energy
Benozzo Gozzoli: was an Italian Renaissance painter from Florence. A pupil of Fra Angelico, Gozzoli is best known for a series of murals in the Magi Chapel of the Palazzo
Peter Liddle (artist): is a British landscape artist and sculptor, known for his allegorical depictions of the British Isles. Liddle attended the Nottingham College of Art
Venus of Urbino: The Venus of Urbino (also known as Reclining Venus) is an oil painting by the Italian painter Titian, which seems to have been begun in 1532 or 1534,
Piet Mondrian: a Dutch painter and art theoretician who is regarded as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. He is known for being one of the pioneers of
Trisha Romance: "ideal[s] in family life", reminiscent of artists in the American Scene Painting tradition. She made her public debut with her work "Speaking of Spring" in 1978
Reaper (Van Gogh series): and Sun is the title given to each of a series of three oil-on-canvas paintings by Vincent van Gogh of a man reaping a wheat field under a bright early-morning
William Frederick Yeames: May 1918) was a British painter best known for his oil-on-canvas "And When Did You Last See Your Father?", which depicts the son of a Royalist being
Benjamin West: met John Wollaston, a famous painter who had immigrated from London. West learned Wollaston's techniques for painting the shimmer of silk and satin, and
Nelson Shanks: was an American artist and painter. His best known works include his portrait of Diana, Princess of Wales, first shown at Hirschl & Adler Gallery in New
Paolo Uccello: living as a painter. In that year, he proved his artistic maturity by painting episodes of the now-badly-damaged Creation and the Fall for the Green Cloister
Thomas William Marshall (painter): Yann Le Pichon [fr] in 1984. One of Thomas William Marshall's paintings, a landscape of Corsica painted in 1910, was selected by a specialized jury and
The Intervention of the Sabine Women: The Intervention of the Sabine Women is a 1799 painting by the French painter Jacques-Louis David, showing a legendary episode following the abduction
The Slave Ship: incited a desire to terminate this commercial act in competing countries. J.M.W. Turner was a well-known 19th-century landscape painter born in London in 1775
Charles E. Burchfield: Chinese painting while in art school but overlook that the hallucinatory quality in his work may be partly traced to an episode of nervous exhaustion in 1911

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